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? Yaali Annar The Gote
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pharazon: What is even the point of wingdings.
pharazon: Like ok maybe you want to type a star of david or a little airplane.
YaaliAnnar: Wingdings is from the day before unicode isn't it?
CUM_quesa: Maybe. It's p. old.
pharazon: Yes, have you ever seen those old sumerian tablets?
pharazon: It's all wingdings.

H13: "citizens of Malaysia are allowed to enter North Korea without a visa" what?
Legion: (fine print: they're not allowed to leave without a visa though).

Errant_ibises: /e/ was cut from greek a  few moths ago, though. The crisis.

CUM_quesa: I have been watching that My Słowanie video over and over again
CUM_quesa: I am now a slavic nationalist