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Ok, here're mine:

Mieril Walhor, a.k.a. No-One-Can-See, ascended being 19 yo.
the first person to ever achieve divinity;
after the ascension: hiding and non-interfering for five thousand years; later hilding the Duumvirate with Derision;
the mother goddess;
the matron of responsibility, order and justice.

Derision, a.k.a. Ajalair, the Mask, true name unknown, ascended being 23 yo.
having been close to achieving godhood himself and nearly dying in the process, revived and granted the divine status by Mieril Walhor;
afterwards causing the two to create the Duumvirate and start occasionally interfering with people's lives;
the god of unconstrainedness, blind luck and irony;
the patron of childhood.

Source, Beginning, true name Gýkkywu Hwóŧŧa, ascended being 20 yo.
Purpose, End, true name Nugyra Hrozó, ascended being 28 yo.
tragical romantic couple living several centuries after Derision's ascension;
revived and given divinity by Mieril and Derision;
Gýkkywu became the goddess of the past, the matron of logic and causality;
Nugyra became the god of the future, the patron of hope and idealism.

Novelty, true name known but kept secret, ascended being 25 yo.
became a goddess soon after Source and Purpose's ascension;
an ordinary woman chosen by Mieril to become Derision's spouse, fitting his personality;
the goddess of risk, leisure and change.

Ñeşev Lexişü, called Moderation by others, ascended being 31 yo.
became a goddess soon after Source and Purpose's ascension;
an ordinary woman chosen by Derision to become his spouse, fitting Mieril's expectations (unbeknownst to Novelty's ascension);
the matron of conservation of the status quo;
ironically causes the status quo to be ruined: irreversibly kills Source and Purpose (accidentally) and their unborn child (intentionally), causes Mieril to nearly kill herself (intentionally), causes Derision to nearly kill himself together with Ñeşev (accidentally) and finally gets killed by Novelty.

John Doe, true name and age known by Novelty and kept secret
an ordinary man chosen by Novelty to become her spouse;
his domain is unknown;
but Novelty likes him.

Also, not necessarily gods:

Background pool is the natural repository of supernatural abilities
it can be drawn from by skilled people but only in small quantities;
individuals of enough mastery can use it to create their own power pools;
some think the background pool is in reality the power pool of some higher being, other consider it just a natural phenomenon.

Foreground pool is the artificial power pool created by Mieril and then broken several times
it is connected to the background pool and regularly drains it of small amounts of power;
a person becomes divine when they get a foreground pool (or its part) they can draw from; a god dies when they cannot draw from their pool;
when a god is killed, their power leaks into the background pool; it later returns into the foreground pool, however;
when Derision tried creating his own pool, he briefly became a god, but then was drained of power by Mieril's pool; Mieril fixed it soon after by breaking her pool in two parts;
the pool was later broken twice: during the Source and Purpose's ascension and later when Novelty and Moderation became goddesses; Novelty, however, used a different procedure, separation, to rise John Doe;
the baby was able of using both Source's and Purpose's share of the pool; killing it caused its parents' pools to leak as well, causing their death in the process.