Proto-Søkkli Number Formation
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Forming other integers

Other integers are formed by breaking numbers into numbers 1-9 and numbers that are multiples of units of ten. Numbers are sequenced so that the highest multiple-of-ten multipliers go first, each preceded by what is being multiplied, in order of decreasing order, such that numbers 1-9, if present, go last. The numbers being multiplied by the multipliers take the same format as the overall number, commonly just numbers 1-99, and are never larger than their multipliers. For negative numbers, all these are preceded by the negation marker /piwu/ <piwu>.

For nominal numbers, all the numbers compounded together are also nominal numbers. Otherwise, all the numbers compounded together are in cardinal format except for the very last number, which determines the overall type of number.

For instance, -8192 as a nominal number in nominative case would be: