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The following dictionary entries are tagged preposition:

anəha, p. from the back
anoi, p. in back
oim, p. to the left
oinaha, p. from the left
pau (2), p. on, onto
peiña, p. from inside
poi (2), p. in, into
puha (2), p. from the surface
saha (2), p. from above
saw (2), p. above
sòim, p. to the right
sòinaha, p. from the right
tauh, p. near
toi, p. against
tusə, p. around, outside
uroina (2), p. through the right
wohanə (2), p. through the back
wohə, p. through the front
wohoila (2), p. through below
wohoina, p. through the left
womoi, p. through
wopu, p. through the surface
woraw (3), p. through above
xoilaha, p. from below
xoina, p. below
yə̀ha, p. from the front
yòi, p. in front