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/p t k kw/ <p t c cu~cv>
/b d g gw/ <b d g gu~gv>
/s x xw h hw/ <s ch chu~chv h hu~hv>
/r l j w/ <r l i~j u~v>
/m n/ <m n>

/i i: u u:/ <i í u ú>
/a a:/ <a á>
/ui iu/ <ui iu>
/ai au/ <ai au>

The voiced obstruents are fricatives intervocalicly and before a stop, and stops elsewhere.
The diphthongs /ui iu/ are in free variation with /wi ju/ when it does not violate the phonotactic constraints, but analysis as diphthongs is preferred due to the syllable structure.

Syllable Structure
Syllables are maximally FCRVRC, where diphthongs are counted as VR or RV and F is any voiceless fricative.

Phonotactic Constraints
Two resonants may not form a syllable onset, unless the first is m.