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I have recently discovered that the Epic of Gilgamesh (especially Andrew George's translation) is a very good source of translation material.

P 100 – P 111

Enkidu ate the bread until he was sated,
he drank the ale, a full seven goblets.
His mood became free, he started to sing,
his heart grew merry, his face lit up.

The barber groomed his body so hairy,
anointed with oil he turned into a man.
He put on a garment, became like a warrior,
he took up his weapon to do battle with lions.

Enkidu bredat is mat ten paner-ve,
bercet don do rom pòcs na cenaure.
Ve ru arrigerat is terasmi, v’esbrazat a lhajar,
vin lhò oi bleghet arinse, v’engairat se teure.

Is marfeu ru adençat is tançoi estor,
sollatz n’ale essardonet ont bruç.
Toratz s’ardiu v’idonat sam ont torceu,
travat ve marte tir a aiçar man raures.