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Ka'ekala the native language of the Lorradine Islands, co-official with English
Language of the Book this is the one and only language for use in summoning demons, ghosts, spirits, etc. guaranteed or your money back
Ruritanian ruritanian is the language spoken in ruritania. it is European
Transemilian a made-up language for a made-up country, but also, i'm a communist
untitled IE language

Ex foris

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hey, so as a follow-up with the segmented display i talked about in this thread, i put together a draft for a hebrew font set using the same parameters. here's what i have:
left to right (i know, it should be right-to-left), it's:
alef, bet, gimel, dalet, he, vav, zayin, het, tet, yod, kaf, lamed
mem, nun, samekh, ayin, pe, tsadi, qof, resh, shin, tav

the yellow forms are final forms of the ones preceding them. green forms are variants of forms above. this doesn't include any of the yiddish-only letters, or any vowel points or other differentiation marks, just the basic letters

thoughts? opinions? suggestions? i'm far less familiar with the hebrew alphabet than with latin or cyrillic, so i'd appreciate hearing what others think
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Тур цу зімшэу?
[tur tsu zim'ʃɛu]
турwhere цуbe зім-every-шэуwho

Where is everyone?
? Emily ro’qegh’Iwchab
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Скэ трэун кра інкэло!
[skɛ 'tɾɛuŋ kɾa ɛŋkɛ'lo]
скэbut трэунneed кра1st.per ін-mass-кэлоdick
But I need that dick!

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