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Word of the Day: biRbiR
n. lips (lip-like growth)
-a, suf. imperative suffix
-an, suf. locative focus (on verb), marking location (on noun)
-Cu, suf. 2pl deixis and spatio-temporal reference: that, there, then
(n)-anu, pron. what
(qa)lima, n. hand
(si)-ima, pron. who
a, par. hesitation particle
aCab, n. a cover
aCas, adj. high, tall
aCay, n. death
adaS, v. bring, take along
adawiN, adj. far
adi, adv. no, not
ai, int. interjection, exclamation of surprise, incredulity, etc
ajem, n. heart, mind
aken, pron. 1sg oblique
aki, n. grandfather, ancestor
aku, pron. 1sg nominative, I
ala, v. take
alap, v. take, fetch, get
alim, v. forget
aluja, v. padd;e
alujah, n. ant sp
am(e)qin, adj. all, finished
amen, pron. 1pl ex oblique
aNak, n. child, offspring, son, daughter
aNay, n. termite, white ant
aŋkup, v. put in cupped hands
apa, v. carry on the back
apu, n. grandparent/ grandchild (reciprocal)
apuR, n. betel chew
aRi, v. come, toward the speaker, let’s go!
asu, n. dog
ata, pron. 1pl incl possessive pronoun: our
aya, int. exclamation of annoyance, surprise, etc
aya (2), n. father's sister
b-aR-eŋbeŋ, n. buzz
b-in-ahi, n. woman, wafe
b-in-elaq, v. have been split, cloven in two
b-in-uRuk, v. have become rotten
b-um-aliw, v. buy
b-um-asuq, v. wash
ba-bahi, n. woman, female
baba, v. carry a person pick-a-back, ride pick-a-back
babaw, n. upper surface, top, highlands, on, upon, over, above
babuy, n. pig
baCaj, n. a species of millet
bahi, n. woman, female
bajaq, v. know
bajaq (2), v. know, understand, ask, inquire
bajiw, n. a species of edible mushroom
bakaŋ, adj. bow-legged
bakbak, v. remove outer layer of skin, bark
bakbak (2), v. clap
bakes, n. belt, tie around the waist
baki, n. grandfather
bakuŋ, n. Crinum asiaticum
balalaCuk, n. a bird: the woodpecker
balbal, n. beating stick
bales, v. retaliate, reciprocate good or evil
bali, n. wind
baliŋ, v. wind around, turn something around
baliw, v. return, go back
baliw (2), v. buy, sell
baluñ, v. fold over, wrap
baluN, n. bind, bundle
baNaR, n. Smilax sp.
baNaS, n. male (of animals)
baNaw, n. Smilax sp.
bañaw, v. wash the body
bañbañ, n. kind of reed used for mats, Donax canniformis
baNiC, v. skin, flay
baŋ, v. fly
baŋ(e)qeR, n. rotten smell, stench
baŋ(e)SiS, adj. fragrant
baŋaS, n. Melia azedarach
baŋaw, n. paddy bug, foul-smelling insect that preys on rice in the field
baŋbaŋ, n. butterfly, moth
baŋbaŋ₆, n. resound resounding sound
baŋeliS, n. tusk, canine tooth
baŋeS, n. skin
baŋun, n. Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
baŋuN, v. wake up, get out of bed
baqbaq, n. mouth
baqeRuh, adj. new
baqeSiŋ, v. sneeze
baqi, n. grandmother
baRah, n. ember, glowing coal
baRaq, n. lung
baRat, n. cucumber (Cucumis sativus)
baReq, n. abscess, boil, swelling on the body
baRija, n. weaver's sword (lathe used to beat in and tighten the woof)
baRiuS, n. typhoon
baRuj, n. probably Ducula spp
basaq, adj. flooded
baSaw, n. leftovers from a meal
baSay, n. Pueraria hirsuta
basbas, v. hit, strike
basbas (2), v. sprinkle
baseq, v. wash clothes

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