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Word of the Day: lus
adj. slippery or smooth
(n)-anu, pron. what
(qa)lima, n. hand
(si)-ima, pron. who
-Cu, suf. 2pl deixis and spatio-temporal reference: that, there, then
-a, suf. imperative suffix
-an, suf. locative focus (on verb), marking location (on noun)
C-in-akaw, n. what is stolen, stolen goods
C-in-apa, n. smoke
C-in-aqi, n. small intestine
C-um-abu, v. wrap
C-um-aki, v. defecate
C-um-aliS, v. tie with rope, fasten with rope
C-um-aqi, v. defecate
C-um-uSuR, v. string beads, etc.
C-um-ubuq, v. sprout, grow
Ca-Capuh, n. broom
Ca-Cawa, v. laugh
CaCaw, n. pupil of the eye
CaNum, v. carry water
CaSaw, n. open-air, outdoors
CabCab, v. clap, beat, hack
Cabu, v. wrap
Cakaw, v. steal
Caki, n. feces, excreta
Cali, n. cultivated taro (Colocasia esculenta)
CaliS, n. rope, cord, twine, string
Caliŋa, n. ear
Caliŋa na kaSiw, n. wood ear, semicircular edible fungus which grows on tree trunks
Caliŋa (2), n. ear
Calun, n. fallow land, secondary forest
Canem, v. bury
Capa, v. smoke fish or meat for preservation
Capaŋ, n. a patch, as on clothing
Capel, n. a patch, to patch
Capuh, n. sweep
Caqi, n. feces, excrement
CaqiS, v. sew
Caqu, v. know how, be able to, be skilled at
Cau, n. person, human being
Cawa, v. laugh
CawiN, n. year
Cazem, adj. sharp (of point or blade)
Caŋila, n. ear
Caŋis, v. weep, cry, mourn, to beseech
Caŋis-an, v. cry over something or someone
CeRab, n. a belch
Cebak, v. smack against
Cebiq, v. split, divide, break off
CebuN, n. smoke
CebuS, n. sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)
Cebuj, n. natural spring, fresh water spring
Cebuŋ, v. meet, come together
CegCeg, v. beat, pound, hit
CekCek, v. pierce, penetrate
CekeS, n. kind of very slender bamboo
CelCel, v. beat, pound
Celaq, n. crack, split, fissure
Ceme-Cemel, n. uncultivated land
Cemel, n. grass, herbs, medicine
Cenek, n. thorn
Cesek, v. insert, pierce, penetrate
Cidu, n. spoon, ladle, dipper
Cik, n. sound of tapping or flicking (of finger, small implement, etc.) against something
CikCik, v. tap or flick (finger, small implement, etc.) against something
Cikel, v. return, go back
Cinaqi, n. intestines
Ciqaw, n. a species of fish
CiŋaS, n. food particles caught between the teeth
CuNuh, v. roast food over a fire
CuSuR, v. string together, as beads
Cubuq, n. plant sprout
CugCug, v. hit something against something else
CugCug (2), v. knock or bump the head
Culi, adj. deaf
Cumay, n. Formosan black bear
CumeS, n. clothes louse, body louse
Cumek, v. pulverize, crumble
CuqelaN, n. bone
CuqelaN (2), n. condylous bone, bone of fauna exclusive of fish
Curis, v. scratch a line
Cuzuq, n. index finger
Nakaw, v. walk
Naŋuy, v. swim
Rabuk, adj. pulverized
Rabun, n. fog
Rakut, v. tie together
RasRas, adj. scratched
Retas, v. break through, break open
Riq, n. Imperata cylindrica
Rumaq, n. house
Ruqanay, n. man, male
SabaRat, n. west monsoon
SadiRi, n. housepost
SampaR, n. mat, spread out
SapSap, v. grope
Semay, n. cooked rice
Sepat, num. four
Si-kan, n. fish, what is eaten with staple
Sika-duSa, adj. second
Siket, v. tie

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