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, Marquis, Maryland
< Cev> I have seen many horses up close.
< Cev> I have even ridden horses!
< Cev> Hey Pthag
< Cev> I got bucked off of a horse once.
< pthagnar> did u recover
< Cev> I landed on the ground on my side. It hurt. I did not like it.
< pthagnar> that'll learn u
< Cev> ...yeah
< Cev> That'll teach me to... do... things?
< pthagnar> not fall
< pthagnar> off horses
< Cev> Right. Stupid me, being affected by the force of gravity
< pthagnar> i've seen ppl hold onto horse
< pthagnar> u need to learn to
< pthagnar> a) horse
< pthagnar> and not learn to
< pthagnar> b) not horse
< Cev> I got bucked off
< Cev> I didn't just fall off like a derp
< pthagnar> advanced horsing
< Cev> But yeah I don't like riding horses.
< Cev> They frighten me.
< pthagnar> me, i admit i know only very basic horsing
< pthagnar> like
< pthagnar> what is a horse called
< pthagnar> a: horse
< Cev> "horse"
< pthagnar> how many legs does a horse have
< pthagnar> a: ideally four
< pthagnar> what is a horse's hairdo called
< pthagnar> a: a mane