Salenzian Reckoning
Ridiculous Calendrical Bullshit
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The most notable feature of Salenzian Reckoning is how it is organized into Ages. There are currently four of them, which may sound odd, since the world is currently in the late Third Age. However, like programmers, the Ages count from zero. The notation for years in Salenzian Reckoning is AGE:YEAR, so the current year, 3:776, is the 776th year of the Third Age. Of note is that this was originally the Prophan system, but the Empire spread it to the mainland Salenzian world.

0 - The Null Age

The Null Age is basically the Salenzian equivalent of BCE - it contains everything that happened before the proper start of the calendar, and counts backwards.

1 - The First Age

The First Age is semi-mythological, since it lasts exactly 1000 years, and while its beginning is supposed to be the when the major Prophan city-states of Phaldonis, Bodoron, and Satremia were founded, the archeological evidence begs to differ. The end of the First Age is when the legendary king Veron I ascended to the throne of Phaldonis.

2 - The Second Age

Also called the Imperial Age, or the Prophan Age, the Second Age lasted 1511 years. This is when the Prophan Empire got started - after Veron finished conquering all of Propha, he set his eyes onto the Salenzian mainland. The end of the Second Age is when the Prophan Empire dissolved, leaving the Salenzian Kingdoms in its wake.

3 - The Third Age

The current age. It has seen the fall of some kingdoms and the rise of others, and empires, to boot.

Salenzian Reckoning has a system of twelve months in its 365-day year. These months are named after the major symbols of the zodiac that were inherited from the Jamic cultures of Ancient Ticondera.

The Wizened Crone - 31 days

The Capricious Butterfly - 30 days

The Sacred Pitcher - 31 days

The Doomed Forlorn - 31 days

The Fierce Dragon - 32 days

The Joyous Lover - 31 days

The Farmer's Hat - 30 days

The Scathing Whip - 30 days

The Nefarious Bandit - 30 days

The Sturdy Boat - 30 days

The Flowing Banner - 30 days

The Leaping Man - 29 days

Generally speaking, Spring is the Wizened Crone, Capricious Butterfly, and Sacred Pitcher; Summer is the Doomed Forlorn, Fierce Dragon, and Joyous Lover; Autumn is the Farmer's Hat, Scathing Whip, and Nefarious Bandit; and Winter is the Sturdy Boat, Flowing Banner, and Leaping Man.

The Salenzian day is 24 hours, but partitioned differently than ours. The first hour of the day (1h day) is about 6 am. 1h night is then 6 pm.