Religion and Mythology
2014-07-23 18:19:29
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Religion and Mythology


The underlying principle of Rireinu society is ñi, which has been variously translated as propriety, social order, hierarchy, or religion. [snip]
Ñi does certainly include all of these aspects; it can also be seen as an all-encompassing view of the world, where everyone (and everything) has her own place, with duties to those above her and responsibilities to those below her; where civic virtue is also spiritual merit and an act of kindness to a stranger is also an act of religious worship.

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5 years ago
I looked at the percentages for the religions - from that I assume that people follow several religions / philosophies at the same time (like in e.g. traditional China, where one could be a practising Buddhist and Confucian at the same time)?
5 years ago
Yes indeed. The concept of mutually exclusive religions isn't very widespread in Rireinu.