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Word of the Day: łamsu
n. sun ; sunlight
This dictionary is organized according to Modern Literary Sebastic, the standardized written form of Sebastic today. When the Classical Sebastic word is not immediately predictable, it is provided in the headword in parentheses. Likewise, if a word exists in Classical Sebastic but does not have an attested form in Modern Literary Sebastic, it will be listed as Classical Sebastic and followed by an asterisk. Colloquialisms and words unattested in literature will be followed by two asterisks.  Entries are organized alphabetically, but you can search tags by root.

Note on Etymology

Etymological entries will always be an ongoing project, and more information will be added over time. The information is incredibly useful, but can take an extraordinary amount of time to compile.

Meanwhile, I attempt to reconstruct a Proto-Semitic stem for every entry, except loanwords. However, some entries will have only one or two attestations, either because the stem is difficult to trace, or because I am simply in a hurry. In these cases, the reconstruction must be taken with a grain of salt; no stem can reasonably be reconstructed from such little evidence. The more attestations listed, the more trustworthy is the reconstruction. If a reconstruction is poorly attested, feel free to request that I research the reconstruction more fully.

Allāhu, n. God
aftukrāturu, n. emperor
astēru, n. comet ; planet
avu, n. father
ayihu, adj. holy
chnnābyiħ, adv. at the same time ; the both
chu, pn. that ; which ; who
davvala, v. gather ; collect
devvēretu, n. matter ; topic ; subject
duksu, n. glory
dīnamisu, n. power ; vigor ; force
gavvaya **, v. slang fuck ; fuck up
gēdiqu, adj. real ; true
hai (hal), prep. on ; onto
hamala, v. hope
harɳu, n. earth
haɳava, v. want
hn (hnna), conj. if
ikumeniyu, n. civilization ; the world ; informal everybody
ilu, n. god
ka-, conj. as
kachu, conj. as ; just as ; like
keivu (kalvub), n. dog
khāru, adj. good
kākavu, n. star ; archaic any celestial body — stars, planets, comets, etc.
kāna, v. happen ; be ; exist ; occur
, conj. may (+ stative) ; if only (+ perfective jussive)
lāyu (lailub), n. night
, adv. no
makhzenu, n. load ; storage ; storehouse ; locker ; bank
malaka, v. possess
malela, v. chit-chat ; perform
mallaka, v. consolidate ; fortify one's hold of
mallala, v. campaign
mamlaku, n. kingdom ; archaic chieftain ; domain ; household ; property
maʈaha, v. come
meiku (malkub), n. lord ; king
mətalaka, v. dominate
mətalala, v. be poised ; be in position
namūsu, n. religious law, esp.
raħsu, n. head ; first ; beginning
samayu, n. sky ; heaven
seyu, n. God
sikhīyu, n. soul
snu, n. name
sīseletu, n. necklace ; bracelet ; watch
səmalaka, v. transfer (ownership of)
sətmalaka, v. win ; capture ; take hold (of)
sətħarava, v. go to war
tērīkh, n. history ; obsolete historiography
vasilēyu, n. king
ve-, prep. in ; by ; through ; with
vemakhzeni, adv. a lot ; very much
vātu, n. house
yāmu, n. day
łamsu, n. sun ; sunlight
łmalaka, v. reign ; rule ; lord
łqadasa, v. be holy, sacred ; be praised ; be sanctified
əchqīlu, adj. strong ; heavy-handed ; determined
ətlahhaya, v. play ; play around
ətlehhēyetu, n. game ; sports friendly
ətmallaka, v. consolidate oneself
ətmallala, v. position oneself ; poise oneself

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