A Reference Grammar
From Proto-Semitic to Modern Sebastic
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The pages listed below shall serve as a reference of grammar and other linguistic aspects of Sebastic. Each page provides grammar for Pre-Semitic, Semitic, Pre-Classical Sebastic, Classical Sebastic, and the Modern Sebastic dialects.

Recent research has suggested Sebastic may have diverged from the other known Semitic languages prior to the split between East and West Semitic. Since traditional reconstructions of "Proto-Semitic" have not taken Sebastic into account, it is inappropriate to refer to Proto-East/West-Semitic as "Proto-Semitic." However, given the current state of research, it is useful and necessary to refer to Proto-East/West-Semitic in our discussion of Sebastic historical grammar. To prevent confusion, Proto-East/West-Semitic will simply be called "Semitic" rather than "Proto-Semitic," while the most recent dialect of Proto-Semitic that includes Sebastic will be referred to as "Pre-Semitic."

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