A Creation Story
2014-08-25 19:07:09
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A Creation Story

This is still basically a rough draft. It needs some polish around the edges, and also names. I wrote this primarily for an upcoming tabletop campaign, so it is unlikely to be used for my conworld, but I figure it might make for some good translation anyway, which is what I am going to do with it. If you want to translate it, feel free to paste some names in yourself. Makes it more interesting.[snip]

Translation in progress! See it here!

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then the Darkness split into two, the Night and the Waters. The Night and the Waters united and begat children. And the children wrought order where there was chaos, and from the body of the Waters they made Air, Fire and Earth; from the body of the Night they made the Heavens, the Dreams and the Hells; and the remainder of their bodies surrounded their creations.

And the children set to work, and from the elements they wrought the World and set it in the Void, and they kindled the stars to light it, and they set them in the Heavens so that there be light. And yet they were not content, and they fashioned beasts from the Earth, and gave them shape with the Air, and spirit with Fire, and they gave them life from Water, so that they not be alone. And in this way they ruled for an age, and there was quiet.

But eventually, Water and Night touched again, and they begat more children, and they fell into the World. And the Old Ones saw their radiant beauty, and they saw well that they were young, and they took them in as their own. And for many ages they lived together, and the Old Ones and the Gods begat children, and they ruled together over the World.

But among the Gods were two who desired more, and they shared with their creations the spark of divinity. And this enraged the Old Ones greatly, for they were cruel and terrible, and fiercely jealous of what they alone had in all the universe. And the two were called Q and P, and they rallied the Gods to them, and they made war upon the Old Ones. But of the children of God and Old One, some fought with the Gods, and some fought with the Old Ones, and there were many who could not decide between the sides, and they fled to the corners of the Universe. And they waged war for an eon, and there was chaos and destruction. But finally, the Gods defeated the Old Ones, but finding they could not kill them, bound them in unyielding shackles and threw them into the Void.

And the Gods remade the world as they saw fit, and they cleansed the lands of the formless beasts of their forebears, and they gave them new life; and where only the stars had broken the Darkness, the Sun and the Moon provided light, and as they had given their servants souls before, they made man in their image of Earth and Air and Fire and Water, and they gave him souls so that he might rule over the world in their stead. And this was the golden age of man, and there was no strife and no hunger, no disease and no death.

And the Brothers were kings together, and they ruled justly over God and man alike. But one day, P grew jealous of his brother, for he was more beautiful than him, and he demanded to be king alone. And Q called upon the gods to choose their king for themselves, and they chose him. And P grew bitterly jealous of his brother, and he gathered around him traitor Gods and faithless men, and they waged bitter war upon Q, and once again there was chaos and destruction. And for an eon they fought, and it was a time of despair for man and God alike. But finally, Q defeated P, and he banished him from the light. But Q could not kill P, and P fled into the darkness, and he sent evil spirits upon the faithful, and he tempted the wicked, and where he wrought destruction upon the faithful, Q punished the wicked, and it was the current age of man, and there is strife and hunger, disease and death.

But through faith and devotion, and earnest struggle, the darkness may one day be overcome, and there will again be a golden age, and Q will be king, and there shall be life and youth everlasting. So is it told by the elders.
Hallow XIII 6 years ago