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quoting Torco:
quoting Nessari:
The pension one is rather stupid, on second glance. You can't have plausibly-funded defined-benefits retirement schemes without a constantly increasing population, which is impossible to guarantee (especially when you have any form of immigration limitation.)

really? =/

It might work out with a perfectly stable population, ie birth rates perfectly mirror death rates [edit: or more accurately entry-into-contribution-scheme rates perfectly mirror retirement rates], but that's never going to happen, so not really worth working out the numbers. This is part of the problem (meaning issue which requires solving, not fatal flaw or anything similar) with retirement schemes; defined-benefits work great when you have a young worker glut, but they start to show signs of serious strain and even risk collapsing a couple decades after birth rates fall below replacement (as has happened in damn near1 every industrialized/1st World country.)

1. I think it's all of them, but really don't want to go chasing down all of the statistics to confirm/deny that right now, so prevarication it is.