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[22:50] <H13> hm
[22:50] <H13> idk how Kangshi does subjectless verbs
[22:50] <H13> yurpean languages all use dummy subjects
[22:51] <H13> mandarin doesn't give a shit and just leaves out the subject
[22:51] <H13> is there an interesting way to do it
[22:52] <H13> maybe I could make it so that all verbs have a subject
[22:52] <H13> the sky has clouds
[22:52] <H13> the sky drops rain
[22:53] <H13> with random ergative marking b/c it derives from an earlier impersonal contruction, perhaps
[22:58] <H13> so ziŋtɯ̂ mkiʁzdâqo mqæxsǽ = it is cloudy
[23:00] <H13> oʐŋtɯ̂a sɤxoxsǽxo mkiʁzdâ mqæxsǽ = the rain god made it cloudy
[23:00] <H13> maybe I will change the name of the rain god to contain less x

> should probably be ziŋtɯ̂ mkiʁzdâ mqæxsǽsó