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rn. ribbon
Ilian is somewhat of an agglutinating language. As a result, there really aren't "adjectives", "adverbs", "articles", and the like.

-ák, suf. definite plural suffix
-al, con. and; additionally
-át, suf. indefinite plural suffix
-c, suf. inside, within
-da, suf. from; can indicate origin
-el, suf. definite article
-gjé, suf. through, across; transverses the entirety
-hek, suf. with; ablative case marker
-má, suf. adjectival and genitive suffix
-n, suf. verbal nominalizer; appends to the end of a complete verb to indicate a verbal noun
-qã, suf. for; benefactive; indicates the beneficiary of something or another
-re, suf. locative and dative suffix
-ta, suf. accusative marker; indicates direct objects
-tén, suf. diminutive suffix
-tje, suf. potential suffix
-tr, suf. negation suffix
-yn, con. or, nonconjuctive suffix
áda, rn. money
ádamáttabýc, rn. bank
afentelt, rn. residence, domicile
ajk, rn. hole, puncture, opening
aljá, rn. garlic, onion
aljete, rn. allegiance; loyalty; obedience
álker, rn. base (chemical)
áma, rn. like
amáre, rn. love, affection
amáretake, v. to love
apájct, rn. meal
aqat, rn. purchase; acquisition
aqattace, v. to purchase, to buy
aqqe, rn. summoning, call, appeal, creation (act)
arac, rn. dryness
aracmáqjár, cn. ham, prosciutto
aráje, rn. rate, coefficient
áram, rn. gold (metal)
argjél, rn. certainty, confidence
armyla, rn. army, force
arycq, rn. note, remark
atáre, rn. totality, all
áte, nm. five
átjade, nm. five thousand
átjam, rn. atom (physics/chemistry)
átvák, nm. fifty
ãtysa, rn. plan, anticipation
avjél, rn. group
avjesã, rn. notice, recommendation, advisory
axã, rn. pleasure, enjoyment
bacqý, rn. formal 2nd person pronoun
bájcave, rn. god, deity
bakljã, rn. initial post-secondary qualification (equivalent to Bachelor's degree or "licence")

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