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Word of the Day: ärd
n. f, earth
arbejte, n. (m) employment, work
ärd, n. f, earth
bam, n. f., tree
bjer, n. f, berry
dag, n. (f) day
ettinge, n. f, family
föyr, n. m, fire, heat
gange, v. to go
kar, n. m, male, man
köngen, n. m, monarch, ruler, king
rajk, n. m, country, land, realm
rejk, n. m, smoke
rejse, n. f, journey, travel
sine, v. to be
styve, n. m, pen, writing implement
torg, n. n, square, plaza
vasser, n. f, water
veg, n. f, path, road
ville, v. to want, to desire
vrou, n. f, woman, female

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