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The documentation is here, though the letterforms aren't quite like the ones I've been showing off here:

- the <y> I used here is a compromise between the two <y> forms listed on the site
- many of the <o>s don't close all the way
- the <m>s and <n>s are wider
- accents: I used vertical ticks underneath letters to represent /i/ diphthongs, vertical ticks above letters to represent stress, and the word "hemaya" (first word, third line) has a big circle to represent aspiration instead of the usual circle diacritic above the letter itself
- and ... I used <ki> to represent the /kj/ in <kyetavekhteírha>, which peculiarly is also spelled with a stressed <ei> rather than the more conventional unstressed <eí>.
- the 7-shaped <r> is also a bit unusual, but increasingly common in my handwriting
- ...and I have a new loop in <k>, which I came up with last night and particularly like.

Other major examples, styles, etc. (arranged from latest in the language's development to earliest):

- Núí Ahekía (early Dísséan logotype; Kufic-inspired)
- The Garden-Haired Girl (early Sarasí cursive)
- Gendatalina (Zeyetaní cursive)
- Oshes Suntumekha (Íomanazínení cursive)

There are a lot of variants of the script that only appear on paper at present, however, mainly because I'm so slow and clumsy with a tablet.