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Word of the Day: Xint
n. Time as a resource or amount
Chōtir, n. Fruit
Fōe, v. To be
Kēstya, adj. Strong, enduring
Līnet, n. Time as a dimension or progression
, conj. And
Mler, n. Water, sea
Mloshel, n. Seagoing vessel
Nexi-, pre. Instance, derivation, version
Nji-, pre. Prime, prototype, root, template, source
Nēef, n. Face, identity
Nī-, pre. Ideal, pure, noble, chief
Nīse, adj. Proud, ornate, ostentatious
-Sef, suf. A sentient creature associated with the stem.
Selef, n. A sentient and civilized creature.
Silf, n. An individual of a sylvan subrace.
Te, prep. Associated with
Thich, pro. It (incorporeal/theoretical gender)
Thir, pro. It (inanimate gender)
This, pro. It (animate gender)
Threx, prep. Among, between
Tyo, v. To understand, know
Ve, prep. Belonging to
Xint, n. Time as a resource or amount
Ṕīe, prep. Belonging to

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