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Old Sylvan has four nominal cases, indicated by prefix:

Subject: Null (plural a-)
Direct Object: Ir- (plural Ira-)
Indirect Object: An- (plural Ana-)
Modifying: Ol- (plural Ola-)

Old Sylvan has three nominal genders, indicated by ending:

Animate: [f, th, s, x]
Inanimate: [r, l]
Incorporeal/Theoretical: [p, k, r, kh]

Old Sylvan has three verbal persons, indicated by prefix:

First: Lī- (plural Līa-)
Second: Mā- (plural Māa-)
Third: Null (plural a-)

Old Sylvan has three temporal cases, indicated by suffix:

Past: -rō (Progressive -rōe, imperfect -rōa)
Present: Null (Progressive -xe, imperfect -xa)
Future: -lē (Progressive -lēe, imperfect -lēa)

The verb must be conjugated to match the plurality of the subject.