Leisure and Vice
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Aside from scholarly pursuits, noble sylphs enjoy a variety of recreational activities. Board games appeal to the common Naisylvan streak of intellectual competition, and noble sylphs play games from every culture they have encountered. In recent times Mestin ela Chos (Scheme through Many), an adaptation of a Dorn game focusing on intrigue and misdirection, has taken the Naisylvan gaming parlors by storm. However, groups of noble sylphs can be found mastering essentially every board and card game found within Imperial culture.

One popular form of entertainment is performances of Sichansa Todash (see Arts). Some Sichansa are ancient, dating back to the Great Wars, but more are constantly written for sophisticated and common audiences alike. Sichansa Todash often include elaborate costumes, intricate sets, and large casts of characters. Many Sichansa are adaptations of Kinaeld epics, for example, and are only feasible for large, wealthy companies to perform.  One version of the Pol Nerana cycle is partially famous for bankrupting several studios that tried to put on the entire show.

Ardensamei teaches that a healthy mind should be balanced by a healthy body, and most noble sylphs practice some kind of physical sport to stay fit. ‘Chemalans’, a style of fencing that uses wooden replicas of guidals, is very popular. Most Naisylvan communities have chemalans leagues and noble sylph parents commonly pay tutors from the Martial College to train their children. Chemalans has developed a considerable following among other Imperial races. Hobs in particular have caused something of a revolution in the sport with their highly energetic and mobile styles.

Gambling on chance is uncommon among noble sylphs, but many play games of strategy for wagers. Some noble sylphs become caught up in a cycle of shame and hubris when they begin losing to a superior opponent. Combined with a desire for mastery and controllability, especially for a sylph who feels powerless in the rest of his life, this cycle can become a powerful addiction.

Betassin malketer (Flowering vision, common name Keter), is a bright blue flower that grows along shorelines. When chewed, the blooms produce a hallucinogenic effect. Keter’s effects are moderately addictive, and the plant has been a persistent if relatively minor social problem throughout Naisylvan history. More recently, Dorol Allires (Sleep Nectar, common name Well Drope) use has crept into Naisylvan communities in the central Ashlands and Golden Strand. This highly addictive narcotic is rapidly growing into a scourge among lower-class sylphs.