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founder: Izambri
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Taura, the World. Another Earth existing in a parallel universe with various points-of-divergence that took place in a past so distant that even Tauran geography is enough different than ours. This universe revolves around Hellea and the Hellesan people, as well as other Euremegadelanean languages and peoples, all of them inhabiting the macro-region traditionally known as Bredezhanya.


Cartography Our cartographic section
Culture Short articles about Hellean and Bredezhanian culture referring to anything that isn't a language: calendars, noble titles, the clans, the coin, weights and measures...

Bernic The Bernic or Bersonean languages derive from the same protolanguage, Bernic, which takes the name from Bernsuno, a founder god of the Bersonean peoples, the Northern Malberans.
Megadelanean The Megadelanean macrofamily is a family of languages that advocates for a genetic relation between the Satic and Megadelanic families.