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Internarrat A collection of disparate universes with disparate tales and tongues, united by some common history and metaphysics.
Ancient Vitran The oldest known written form of Vitran. Native name Upei-Tirai.
Classical Vitran Native name Yvityrei.
Modern Vitran The lingua franca of the east. Native name Vitrei.
Mîrkšam Proto-language of the western shore-people.

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quoting dhok, Priest, Norman, United States:

Note that Páho rotates opposite of Earth. It's also bigger, though I'm not sure by how much, still. I'm thinking a radius of 8000 to 9000km, so about one and a half times that of Earth.

Why is there only one circulation direction for the ocean currents in each hemisphere (clockwise in the south and counterclockwise in the north)? If it’s larger than Earth, the planet should have at least the same number of atmospheric circulation cells (three in each hemisphere). Ocean surface current circulation is driven by atmospheric circulation, and generally ocean surface currents are ~45 degrees off from the wind currents above them (see e.g. Given that this is the case, and given that your planet is rotating opposite of Earth, one would expect to see

1. a westward-moving equatorial countercurrent along the equator
2. eastward-moving equatorial currents from there to around 30 degrees north/south; circulation between these and the equatorial countercurrent is clockwise in the north, counterclockwise in the south
3. westward-moving circumpolar currents from there to around 60 deg; circulation between these and the equatorial currents is counterclockwise in the north, clockwise in the south
4. eastward-moving subpolar currents from there to the poles; circulation between these and the circumpolar currents is clockwise in the north, counterclockwise in the south

Of course, you might have even more atmospheric cells than Earth, in which case you’d need to increase the number of currents and oceanic circulation cells.
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quoting Nessari, Illúbequía:
I can't remember where I got this from, if someone knows I'll gladly edit in a link and/or accreditation.

They were from Gary Shannon’s website, before it went down:


1. The sun shines.
Mirees tehras.
2. The sun is shining.
Mirees kîtî tehras.
3. The sun shone.
Mirezees tehras.
4. The sun will shine.
Mirešihes tehras.
5. The sun has been shining.
Mirezees perkîtîk tehras.
6. The sun is shining again.
Mirees ńên tehras.
7. The sun will shine tomorrow.
Mirešihes goântsitetek tehras.
8. The sun shines brightly.
Mirees imeris tehras.
9. The bright sun shines.
Mirees tehras shieris.
10. The sun is rising now.
Miremjaajz kîtî tehras.
11. All the people shouted.
Mizeifki sfosmor.
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AboutI’ve been designing worlds for as long as I can remember; most of my earliest memories revolve around them... but time and reality have unfortunately had a tendency to force the ordinary over the imaginative, so I’ve fallen into and out of worldbuilding at times. Currently studying mathematics with computer science (MIT course 6C), formerly physics. My literary tastes tend toward the modernists (Woolf, Joyce, Hesse, Kafka, etc.) along with more fantastic/science-fictional works (Stapledon, Dunsany, Asimov, Lovecraft, etc.).