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A collection of disparate universes with disparate tales and tongues, united by some common history and metaphysics. It is an intentionally vague framework for uniting many worlds under one system.


Universes (or »versions«) are organized into a hierarchy of greater and greater meta-universes, each with metaphysics+in the sense of meta-physics, rather than proper philosophical metaphysics, though of course there is some of that too that govern how the universes within them exist and interact with one another. At the highest level, the whole set of infinite universes is part of a vast metaphysical framework, the All, whose nature is largely unknown apart from a few recognized properties.

Among these is the presence of certain objects called »intermanipulators«, which exist in individual universes but have the capability to work within higher levels of the hierarchy than the universe in which they reside, effectively overriding their native physics in favor of some higher metaphysics. This is sometimes expressed as the ability to manipulate the physical laws and universal wavefunction of their resident universe according to a wholly different (but nonetheless definite) set of laws from those of physics proper. In practice, this means intermanipulators might be able to make bridges between universes or alter the structures of universes themselves, for example. Some intermanipulators have no such powers over low-level universes, but only over meta-universes — they can change the relations between universes, but not universes themselves.

Intermanipulators are exceedingly rare in all universes, and virtually no one knows of their existence. The great majority of them are found as subatomic particles or inanimate objects. Some of these objects can prove to be powerful tools or weapons, but most of them are not usable in any significant way. Sometimes, however, an intermanipulator might be found as a sentient being, or might interact with one in such a way as to give the being volitional control over its capabilities. In these cases, beings of enormous power can result.


The common history of the Internarrat revolves around one such being, a universe whose entire fabric consisted of a single intelligent intermanipulator, which set its will to the task of converting the whole of the All into a part of itself. Needless to say, other intelligent intermanipulators did not agree with this plan. The result was a catastrophic conflict that left innumerable universes barren or destroyed and almost all intermanipulators inanimate or trapped in prison metauniverses. Billions of years passed. For the ordinary survivors of the war, it passed into legend, then myth and oblivion. Here the various tales of the Internarrat begin.


This system at present comprises most of my conworlds, along with a couple made by others. Feel free to contact me to be added as a contributor if you’d like to add universes of your own.

Potena Ğazta A planet in a universe of the Internarrat where most of my current conlanging projects are set.
Splinters of the Will A collaborative fiction project in the Internarrat. Far from public release.

Mîrkšamic A minor language family in the west of Potena Ğazta.
Vitran The most widespread family on Ğazta’s eastern hemisphere.