Anthologica, Now With Fancier Locations
2014-10-28 19:51:37
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Anthologica, Now With Fancier Locations

Hello, H13 here.

Since the boss has not deemed an update worthy of news in a while, I am going to make a news post for the recent more-or-less minor changes to the site in an attempt to make the front page less static.

The first one is that the Newest Users section now displays the last three people to join up instead of only the newest member.

The second, somewhat less minor change is that we now have extensive freedom in setting locations! You can now specify a custom string in your settings that will display your rank and location in any order and with any accompaniment you want. I originally did this so that people with the Chinese Aristocrat theme could have a grammatically correct, fully Chinese location, but there are other uses for it.

That's it for now; hopefully there will be grander things coming soon.
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