Nominal Morphology
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All regular nouns have a thematic vowel, either 'a' or 'u'. The thematic vowel is typically the last such vowel in the word. Nouns are declined by appending a vowel to their thematic vowel, forming a diphthong, and adding a suffix to the end of the noun. These elements are paired on the reference chart, with the additional vowel before the slash and the suffix after it. An appropriate declension of the noun dur is included in parentheses.

Nouns are declined for five cases:
- Nominative (Subject)
- Accusative (Direct Object)
- Genitive (Modifying [Owning, etc.])
- Ablative (Away from [From, than])
- Allative (To)

Nouns are declined for three numbers:
- Singular
- Dual
- Plural

Nouns are declined for three genders:
- Masculine
- Feminine
- Neuter

Prototribal Nominal Declension.png