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Word of the Day: Rasēt
n. Day (span of time)
-sk, part. Adjective particle
Abul, adj. White, clean
Ama, n. Mother (nursery word)
Amam, n. Mother
An, post. Of (possessive)
At, v. To need, desire
Axun, v. To give
Bars, v. To grow, increase
Bas, n. Snow, frost
Bask, adj. Snowy
Be, post. At, by, to
Be-, part. Superlative particle
Belum, n. Mountain
Bēnas, n. Three
Besul, n. Sea, ocean
Dast, n. Range, territory
Dur, n. Ungulate, hoofed mammal
Dus, v. To burn, shine
Dusk, adj. Clear, bright, shining
Enas, n. Teardrop
Et, post. Of (associative)
Eyak, n. Stone (substance/object)
Ga-, part. Past tense particle
Grak, v. To drive, force
Gruxag, n. Bear
Kas, n. Point in time, time period
Kēmur, n. Season
Kēt, n. Part, portion
Kexe, n. Eight
Le, adj. Bad, negative
Lekas, n. Bad time, unpleasant period
Les, interj. No
Letad, n. Failure, defeat
Lum, n. Hill, rise
Lun, v. To go
Lunt, n. Four
Lutas, n. Trial, difficulty
Mas, n. Tree
Menas, n. Hundred
Mubē, n. Thirty
Mukex, n. Eighty
Mulunt, n. Forty
Muna, n. Ninety
Munenas, n. Thousand
Munus, n. Twenty
Mupund, n. Fifty
Mur, n. Year
Mus, n. Ten
Muselm, n. Seventy
Mutes, n. Sixty
Nalas, n. Nine
Nan, n. Relative, family member
Nandast, n. Member of one's tribe, fellow tribesman
Nax, n. Family, clan
Ne, adj. What
Nenask, adj. Biologically related
Nu-, part. Collective particle
Numas, n. Forest
Nus, n. Two
Pas, v. To have, possess
Plēs, n. One
Pund, n. Five
Ras, n. Daytime
Rasēt, n. Day (span of time)
Selg, v. To come
Selm, n. Seven
Skut, adj. Sharp, rough, stone (composition)
Sudund, n. Horse, mount
Sul, n. Water, pool
Sulund, n. Running water, river
Sund, v. To run, flow
Tas, v. To move violently
Tes, n. Six
Ule, n. None
Uledast, n. Wilderness, no-man's-land
Us, interj. Yes
Usas, adj. Beyond, foreign, alien
Ut, adj. Good, positive
Utad, n. Victory, success
War, n. Crop, domesticated plant
Waser, n. Edible, cultivated fruit
Xag, n. Animal
Xam, n. Person
Xar, v. To hurt, damage
Xe-, part. Performer particle, person who holds a certain profession or has special properties related to something
Xedast, n. Tribesman
Xetad, n. Loser, failure
Yat, v. To perceive, understand, be aware of

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