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I'm not sure if this is interesting enough to merit a post on this thread, but one thing I was planning to do with what will probably be called Maotic is a unique way of marking inflection on noun phrases: when a noun is modified by an adjective (or noun in what would normally be a genitive), said adjective is inflected for the case of the noun, but the case of the noun is a constant case which I don't have a name for (if anyone does know, please tell me.) Examples:

1SG.NOM soktakill-PFV-1SG clavei.king-ACC
I killed the king.

1SG.NOM soktakill-PFV-1SG luseitall-ACC clávon.king-ADJ
I killed the tall king.

1SG.NOM soktakill-PFV-1SG KueleiKuel-ACC clávon.king-ADJ
I killed the king of Kuel.

Something I am considering doing, as a sort of complement to this, is having a phrase with matching case be essentially a compound word. Which should be better expressed as the converse, but anyway.