The Italo-Russian Lament
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Pursuant to some game or other, I present:

The Italo-Russian Lament

Tsar Newt, as Russia:
Russiaaaa got stabbed again
Moved the black sea fleet to port
Got her ally to support...
Russiaaaa's game had just begun
And now I've gone and thrown it all awaaay!

Russiaaaa, ooooo-ooh
Didn't mean to let you die
I shouldn't have trusted Anguipes after all!
Carry on, carry on... it's doesn't really matter

Turkeeeey, my time has come
You conquered all our land
Now our forces must disband
Goodbye, Austro-Hungary
You got me good
And I don't know how I'm going to face the tsar....

Russiaaaaa, ooooo-ooh
I don't want to lose
Sometimes I wish I'd never joined up at all!

Naeddyr, as Austria:
I see a little silhouetto of a man.
It's Tsar Newt! It's Tsar Newt,
doing the Fandango.

Radius, as Italy #1:
Thunderbolts and lightning, Blitzkrieg isn't frightening me
No Lepanto!
No Lepanto!
No Lepanto from Ion!
Poor Sevastepol -pol -pol -pol -pol -pol -pol!

Anguipes, as Turkey:
no - we will not let you go

Mama mia! Mama mia!
Turkey's in Sevastopol!
And Austria's got a backstab set aside for me, for me, for meeeeeeeeee!
So you think you can phone me and tell me a lie - ooh!
So you think if you stab me I'll run off and cry
Welllllllllll maybe
Can't say it went greatly
So I just got out
I just got right outta here

Zayk, as Italy #2:
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see...
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters for Italyyyyyyyyyy

That's how it is in Dipppploooooo....

All rights reserved to its respective authors. Text colors chosen according to game map.
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Well, two things:

First, it should be called (or at least subtitled) the "A(Boh) Rhapsody".

Second, it needs an introduction... hmm....
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Is this the real alliance?
Or is't just my fantasy?
Stuck in a stalemate
No escape from the Baltic Sea.

Raise up your fleets
Convoy from the Holy See...

I'm just a poor Tsar
Allied with Italy
But I'm easy come, easy go
Little south, little north

Any way A(Mos) goes
Doesn't really matter to me
To me....
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You forgot Anguipes' bismillah!!!

Also, the intro sucks if only because it spreads dirty lies about a supposed alliance between Russia and Italy.
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This game is oppressive upon my ability to understand wtf this thread is about. I demand that you stop playing it.