Beke Kanandi
Revenge of the Druids
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Dwarves live in the north of Beke Kanandi. While they are famed for sturdy crafting, they are tribal, nomadic peoples, so they don't engage in large mining and engineering projects. Their short, stocky stature leaves them well-adapted to the cold north. All dwarf lands have been taken back from the Watazans by the Troirecht, so dwarves are now rare in the remaining Watazan colonies. While many dwarves have turned to elven philosophy in the wake of the Troirecht, their native ancestor worship is not dead, as they are still clannish peoples.


Elves are the fey race of Beke Kanandi. Like other fey races, they do not worship gods - they venerate nature itself, which has led to their attacking of the Watazan colonies, which engaged in polluting, mining, deforesting, and such. The elves live in the northernmost reaches of the continent normally, but in their campaigns have been seen much farther south. The elves are also known to be functionally immortal, not aging after a certain point, though they can be still killed like any person. Elves are tall and lithe - which one might expect is at odds with the harsh climates they call home, but in truth, they could live in any natural environment they wanted, with how adept they are in their craft of natural magic.


Goblins are an oddity among the Kanandian races. They are Beke Kanandi's native goblinoid race, and have proven themselves just as hostile to the Watazans as the orcs. However, they're also hostile to everyone else. All accounts - native and Watazan - of goblins show them as utterly insane, only barely clinging to some semblance of society amongst themselves. They are known to infest the various ancient ruins across Beke Kanandi, which are thus known as goblin ruins - even though nobody except, presumably, the elves know who really built them... and the elves aren't telling.


Halflings live in the south of Beke Kanandi. While much of their lands now lie within the Troirecht, two Watazan colonies yet remain in the south. This means that while there are halfling forces in the Troirecht, there are also still halflings who have become acclimated to colonial life. While the northerners are all nomadic, the halflings are semi-nomadic, making swiddens between the redwoods. They are natively animists, supplicating various spirits in their daily business. However, some halflings in the remaining colonies have converted to the Fivefold.


Kobolds are Beke Kanandi's native beastfolk, and can be found mostly in the Great Mountains, where they serve the dragons that live there. Recognizing the dragons as the powers that they are, the Watazans made diplomatic dealings with those dragons amenable to the idea, rather than try to conquer the dragons and their kobold servants. As such, the kobolds have never known colonization, and thus do not hold that particular grudge against the Watazans. However, some dragons have allied with the Troirecht, making them and their servants hostile to Watazans. And then, some dragons are just plain bad. The attitudes of kobolds towards others generally depends on the disposition of the dragon they serve - the servants of a Good dragon will usually themselves be Good, for example.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon Proficiencies, 5E Style

Native Kanandians from outside of the colonies do not have proficiency in the following weapons, no matter what their class says: firearms, explosives, glaives, greatswords, halberds, lances, longswords, pikes, rapiers, scimitars, shortswords, tridents, crossbows. Also, where weapons from elsewhere on the planet would have iron or steel parts, Kanandian weapons are usually stone - but there are the occasional beaten meteoric iron or native copper weapons.

Weapon Proficiencies, Pathfinder Style

For native Kanandians outside of the colonies, guns remain exotic weapons, as are crossbows, blades+but not the dagger, monk weapons, flails, polearms, double weapons, close weapons, and siege engines. Also, where weapons from elsewhere on the planet would have iron or steel parts, Kanandian weapons are usually stone - but there are the occasional beaten meteoric iron or native copper weapons.

Watazan Colonies


Bokonta is the last remaining Magatian colony on Beke Kanandi. It has more land than Nalamibo, so it hasn't been hit as hard. It also relies more on seafood than its neighbour.


Nalamibo is the last remaining Kudzemban colony on Beke Kanandi. It is struggling after losing its north, up to Kiyalibo, from which it had control of much of the southern river trade. Without the influx of raw materials, the factories - both local and back down south across the ocean - have suffered, with production the lowest in decades.

Former Colonies

Many ruins have been left in the wake of the Troirecht. North of the Great Mountains were Vorokoan colonies, except Dimara, which was a Hadrastian colony.