The Planes
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The Planes

The Astral Void

The Astral Void is the medium in which all other planes reside.

The Cross Planes

These planes do not lie along Bekedzola's plane of the ecliptic, but above and below it, very far away from Bekedzola.

The Northern Star

The Northern Star is the positive energy plane. Little else is known for sure about it, but some mystics claim it is where the angels sleep.

The Southern Vortex

The Southern Vortex is the negative energy plane. While opening rifts to any plane is dangerous, rifts to the Southern Vortex are expressly illegal in most states because the plane sucks in all things, obliterating them. Similarly, the channeling of negative energy is typically illegal in those states, as a precaution. The major exception is the Dominion of the Unity, which approves of necromancy. No creatures are known to hail from the Southern Vortex.

The Aligned Planes

The Aligned Planes do not orbit Bekedzola, but they do lie along its plane of the ecliptic.

The Feystorm

The Fey Realm was nearly destroyed in an event known only as the Catastrophe - the Feystorm is all that remains: wild magic swirling and roiling every which way, causing unimaginable things to come into existence, and just as quickly, leave it. The Catastrophe caused what is known as the Fey Exodus, where the elves, gnomes, and drow left the Fey Realm and ended up on Bekedzola. It is unknown where any other fey races ended up, if they successfully escaped the Catastrophe. The Feystorm is currently the chaos-aligned plane, but it is unknown for sure if the Fey Realm held that place in the cosmos - though gnome scholars don't typically believe it did, a sentiment vaguely corroborated by what little of their knowledge on the matter the elves and drow have revealed to outsiders. Unlike the other aligned planes, the good-aligned+Azatas and evil-aligned+Demons chaotic outsiders do not have a presence in the Feystorm.


Heaven is the good-aligned plane. It is composed of various floating islands on which live the archons, agathions, and azatas.


Hell is the evil-aligned plane, replete with not just fire and smoke, but malevolent forms of all things. It is home to devils, daemons, and demons.


Mechanus is the law-aligned plane, composed of an intricate web of celestial bodies orbiting around eachother. Its inhabitants are the archons, formians, and devils.

The Elemental Planes

The Elemental Planes all orbit Bekedzola in the Astral Void within the same orbit. The Sun and Moon are opposed, as are the Eternal Sea and the Sky Beyond.

The Eternal Sea

The Eternal Sea is the Elemental Plane of Water.

The Moon

The Moon is the Elemental Plane of Earth.

The Sky Beyond

The Sky Beyond is the Elemental Plane of Air.

The Sun

The Sun is the Elemental Plane of Fire.

The Central Planes

The Material, Ethereal, and Shadow planes lie in superposition in the centre of the cosmos, forming Bekedzola.