Transemilian prefixes and affixes
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suf. plural
-ал, suf. future tense
ато-, pre. atto- (10-18)
бро-, pre. proximal demonstrative
вда-, pre. medial demonstrative
-ве, suf. accusative
вол-, pre. try to
-ган, suf. -th; forms ordinal number
гіга-, pre. giga- (109)
-гур, suf. each other
-да, suf. -an, ian; a person from [a place]
дека-, pre. deca- (101)
деці-, pre. deci- (10-1)
ді-, pre. after, post-
дрем-, pre. love; favorite
дэл-, pre. south
-дэн, suf. ablative
ёкто-, pre. yocto- (10-24)
-ён, suf. -er; something that does (a verb)
ёта-, pre. yotta- (10)
-єм, suf. become
жге-, pre. should, ought to
зді-, pre. like to, enjoy
-здінь, suf. partitive
-зін, suf. distributive plural
-зоу, suf. -ous
-зун, suf. singular
зэпто-, pre. zepto- (10-21)
зэта-, pre. zetta- (1021)
зӭл-, pre. prefer to
ѕау-, pre. east
-ир, suf. habitual aspect (after vowels)
ін-, pre. mass article
-ір, suf. habitual aspect (after consonants)
-ія, suf. -ia; forms place names
ка- (1), pre. indefinite article (count nouns)
-ка (2), suf. imperative mood
каум-, pre. want to
кіло-, pre. kilo- (103)
-коі, suf. pausative aspect
-крэ, suf. -er; comparative suffix
-кул, suf. main, primary
-къӭл, suf. dative
-кя, suf. comitative
-лэ, suf. [deleted]
-ма, suf. passive participle
мега-, pre. mega- (106)
мікро-, pre. micro- (10-6)
мілі-, pre. milli- (10-3)
-мо, suf. semblative
нано-, pre. nano- (10-9)
-не, suf. lative
, suf. cessative aspect
пета-, pre. peta- (1015)
піко-, pre. pico- (10-12)
пяр-, pre. can
-сам, suf. inceptive aspect
тера-, pre. tera- (1012)
-то, suf. -y; adjectivizer
трэун-, pre. need to, have to, must
тэм-, pre. learn, learn how to
-ул, suf. de-
-ун, suf. -er; someone who does (a verb)
фі-, pre. not
фтур-, pre. know how to
фэмто-, pre. femto- (10-15)
-ха, suf. adjective nominalizer
-хом, suf. abessive
хэкто-, pre. hecto- (102)
-ці, suf. locative
цмо-, pre. may, be allowed to
-цо, suf. plural
-цэл, suf. verb nominalizer
цэнті-, pre. centi- (10-2)
-ча, suf. [deleted]
-чо, suf. adjective nominalizer; -ness
-чу, suf. instrumental
џла-, pre. might, could, may
-џу, suf. -ly; forms adverb from adjective
-шку, suf. -est; superlative suffix
-штэл, suf. country, land
-шу, suf. resumptive aspect (except after /l/ or /n/)
-шэ, suf. past tense
щен-, pre. distal demonstrative
-щэ, suf. causative
-ъшу, suf. resumptive aspect (after /l/ or /n/)
эі-, pre. definite article (before consonant)
эім-, pre. definite article (before vowel or /j/)
-эн, suf. active participle
эхса-, pre. exa- (1018)
, suf. perfective aspect
-юр, suf. genitive
, suf. -er; someone from or associated with x

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