Geography of Transemilia
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The People's Republic of Transemilia (Республіка Ғёлкмаюр Трансэмілдаюр or РҒТ) is a small country in east-central Europe. It encompasses (and is named after) the Emila Mountains (Аізімцо Эмілацо), which bisect the country from the northwest to the southeast.

The main administrative divisions of Transemilia are the province (алсэм), the district (сіран), and the municipality (ждікаі). The entire country is divided into provinces; each province is divided into districts. A district, in turn, is classified as either an urban district (сіран жэлда) or a rural district (сіран ғєгол); urban districts are subdivided into municipalities, while rural districts are not.

Transemilia's ten provinces are, clockwise from the northwest: Gretsel (Грэцэл), Stitshu (Стічу), Dridza (Дріѕа), Ayênko (Аєнко), Zborgen (Зборгэн), Vulham (Вулям), Shtshivo (Щіво), Tsimkra (Цімкра), Echulda (Эхюлда), and Jholkmazhdi (Ғёлкмажді).

Jholkmazhdi, the nation's capital, is unique in that it is legally a province, a district, and a municipality all at once; in contexts where its status as a province takes precedence over its existence as a city (such as in meetings of provincial governments), it is usually referred to as the "Capital Province" (Алсэм Ждікулюр) rather than "Jholkmazhdi". The former capital of Transemilia was Zhdzhonhcim (Жџонким), located in the southeastern Emilas in Zborgen on the edge of Lake Slêtor (Слетор Ғэн). Jholkmazhdi was built after the Communist takeover following World War II, and officially became the nation's capital in 1951, though Zhdzhonhcim remains the capital of Zborgen.