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NationStates – iSharia region
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Shitty draft map of iSharia (and planet):

(Equirectangular projection)

(zoomed on region)

Dark grey areas are within iSharia but not taken up by an NS nation (yet!).  The region is very roughly the size of Europe and Africa combined.

Final version will be zoomed on the region, prettied up, properly labeled, maybe changed in projection, and have dubious/variable borders properly indicated.  But before that you all get a chance to argue about how I've represented your countries.

1 Gulagonesian Young Pioneers
2 Jabulsa and Jabulqa
3 Dheghome
4 Yamnaya Horizon
5 The Huac
6 Brachyura
7 Yahtzee Germany 
8 Uracas
9 Haon
10 *Autochthonesia
11 *Dhammarat
12 *Tevessaget
13 New Nixonia
14 *Bloody Lamb
15 +United Workers Councils of Proletariat Comrades
16 *Pirate Turtles
17 *Urdimma
18 Horsefolk
19 *Cevlaconia
21 *Rabu Ando Pisu
22 Miekko
23 Junta
24 Happy-funbubblegreatland
25 Sad-nuh-uhbadtears
26 *Venuztan
27 *Communities of Communities
28 *Thwap
29 *Argh Argh
30 *Anadune
31 *Byrnendum Biorgum

Countries marked with a * have been placed at my own discretion. 

+ (United Workers Councils of Proletariat Comrades) has got a tropical archipelago rather than a temperate one as requested

14 (The Most Serene Republic of The Bloody Lamb) has been placed outside iSharia proper to comply with its stated geography.

Dogdoug has not yet been placed, but will be on the final map.