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, Possibly the Bosonest Boson to ever be a Boson in CO, USA, EARTH, MWAY, UNIV ever.
Before the weather, though, some goddessness.

There are three top deities of the Ternish pantheon —
- the Goddess of Ambivalence. She doesn't do anything, ever. Do not worship.
- the  Goddess of Creation, the most mindless of the goddesses, who makes things. Good things, bad things, nice things, cruel things, perfect things, horribly broken things, she makes 'em all.
- and the Goddess of Destruction, who removes what the GoC makes, but not until she's fully taken it apart and understood what can be understood of it. There are several sects dedicated to keeping her happy with and interested in this world and its occupants.

They all had kids, of course.  I'll add to this later.