Marvellous Realms of Wonder
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founder: Izambri
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Marvellous Realms of Wonder is part of Syndyktea+Συνδίκταῖα, from σύνδεση "link" + δίκτυο "network" + (γ)αῖα "land, country", the region that engulfs the Phenomena Sea, the most remarkable place of Theknownworld. Inhabited by many peoples of different nature, manners and customs the region is glued together by a loosely and somewhat chaotic supranational union of sovereign states founded in 32 January 1062.

Theknownworld exists in an absurd universe, the Naimaverse, which is the creation of Naima, a divine entity made out of a black crystalline substance, usually referred to as niobate.


Cosmodynamics You are here. And here is weird.
The Realms The realms explained encyclopedically.

The Enciclopedeon All the unnecessary information you need.
Naimo An absurd language for an absurd world.