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Anthologica (Naimo, Western: [ænθoˈlo(d)ʒikə]; Eastern: [ɐnθoˈɫɔʑikə]), officially the Community of Anthologica and, more traditionally and ceremonially, Royal Commonwealth of Annieston, Isharia, and the Badgers, is a crowned republic populated by conlangers and conworlders. Annieston is its capital, where the seat of the government is placed. The country is lost in the web of lies that is Syndyktea.
    Anthologica is a littoral country with a warm-to-cool climate, geographically separated from the rest of Theknownworld™ by the Phenomena Sea to the north and west, the Indolent Straits to the south and south-east and the Sorcery Bay to the east; nobody knows what lies to the north-east, probably a spacetime shortcut leading to somewhere between Winnipeg and Peawanuck. The landscape is varied and diverse, with the Contrariwise mountains drawing the land's skyline, running SW-NE and surrounded by hills, valleys and petty plains. To the west of the Contrariwises the country can be divided into five main natural regions: from north to south, the Langer Plains, the Smart Rocks, the Academic Hills, the Cadre Valley and the Universe Forest. To the east of the Contrariwises we find Squaredale, the Isharian plain, the Cracked Marches and Downunder. The only cities are Annieston, the capital, and Isharia, a vibrant metropolis. The national animal is the hardworking badger.

The foundation of the country can be traced back to November 29th, 2013, but the establishment of the Anthologica Community is traditionally dated to January 1st, 2014 (Anthologica's national day), when the first user registered.

The country is populated by more or less sentient beings of various ethnic origins and, although predominantly English-speaking, Anthologicans do not form a nation in the sense of a common ethnicity; rather, Anthologica's strong sense of identity and community is founded on a common historical background and shared interests such as conlangery, conworldry and other intellectual activities.
Anthologica is a confederal enlightened-absolutist crowned republic with Fashqueen Rhetorica as the permanent head of state. The Chat Room, the communal parliament, is a one multi-party chaotic chattery chamber where laws are not passed at all. The executive and the judiciary are minute yet efficient, although the latter has actually never been found.


The etymology of Anthologica is a matter of occasional family discussion and barfights in the country which arises little to much controversy depending on the mob's mood. Some scholars have suggested that it comes from ant (eusocial insects of the family Formicidae) + hology "science of holes" + –ica "collection of things (related to the combining root)", so the name would mean "collective scientific study of ant holes". Others suggest that ant– is in fact a short version of anti– "against" used before vowel or h, the toponym thus meaning "collection of (people) against the scientific study of holes". But, alas, what is a hole?

A folk etymology traces the country's name back to Anna Thologicapoulos, from the famous Thologicapoulos family, industrial entrepreneurs and owners of many shipyards in Athens and in several ports throughout the Aegean. The family is related to Andronikos I Komnenos, who was tied to a post and beaten; his right hand, cut off; his teeth and hair, pulled out; and one of his eyes, gouged out, before boiling water was thrown in his face (among many other imaginative punishments).


During the autumn of 2013, when she first came to Zebibia Magna, Rhetorica found that conlangers and conworlders there had no personal place to keep their work online to be shared, shown and criticized in good conditions. Deploring the terrrible conditions Zebibians were suffering under king Zompistfelder, she was immediately determined to fix that, starting working on Anthologica, a realm for conlagers and conworlders to host and share their creations. She envisioned a land with wiki-like online editing, BBcode-like markup, access control for collaboration, flash cards for studying own's conlangs and an importer to load words in bulk from a spreadsheet, among other things. Mountains were erected, hills were rolled and many other features were coded throughout the country in one night thanks to the admirable and unwavering efforts of Team Badger Inc.1, and this is how the Langer Plains, the Academia Hills or the Universe Forest were created, all revolving around the Cadre river. Other features such as the Reckoning Marshes, the Conjugation Dunes and the Soundchange Waterfalls will be added in the future according to Rhetorica's plans. November 29th, 2013 is considered the foundation of the country.

Epiphany of the Hardworking Badger, by Sambre van den IJssel.
Oil on wood, 89'5 x 184 cm. National Art Museum of Anthologica, Annieston.

On early 2014, Rhetorica approached various Zebibians to play with her land, and the response was very positive. The first intermittent inhabitants crossed the Indolent Straits and began uploading highly fleshed-out languages with medium-sized dictionaries, and a number of other inhabitants began documenting their efforts. The first inhabitant registered on January 1st of the same year2. The possibilities for the first dedicated, integrated conlanging community seemed exciting to Rhetorica, and thus she decided to unveil the existence of the realm on April 14th, 2014.


Roughly triangular in shape, Anthologica borders the countries of Zebibia Magna to the south and Iancogorencia to the south-east through the Procrastination Flooded Chasmata, also known as The Indolent Straits.

Anthologica has a western and northern coastline on the Phenomena Sea, containing the Saucer Archipelago to the northwest, of which the largest island is Syntheticblood, the Sporadic Islands to the north, and the Chainiki Islands to the northeast, with Oracle island and other smaller rocks. The eastern coast is magically locked by what seems to be a spacetime shortcut lined by two rainbow beams, each one projected from a maneki-neko of gigantic proportions to the northeast. East of Safehaven Coast we find Sorcery Bay, partially covered by what people call "The Fogs", a floating tide of permadense fog that leads to Greater London due to unknown reasons. Safehaven Bay connects with the Indolent Straits through Numeric Gulf.

Anthologica has a fluctuating area of an undisclosed amount of square kilometres. Surrounded and crossed by major mountain chains and rolling hills and with few but fertile ondulating plains, the country has a relief that is dominated by hilly country used for chatter and conlangery. Hills make up nearly two-thirds of the country's total area, and mountains (of which the highest are the Contrariwises), a further 25%. Plains occupy less than a 10% of the total area, mostly to the north of the country and along the Cadre Valley. Anthologica's capital, Annieston, lies on the lower bank of the Cadre, near the sea and placed on the slopes of Hazelnut Mountain. Isharia and its chatterpolitan belt lies along Safehaven Coast.
    The southermost regions, Downunder and the Cracked Marches, border Zebibia Magna and Iancogorencia, and have the unfriendliest and dullest landscapes in the whole country.


  1. Cadre Riviera
  2. Sporadic Islands
  3. Complaints Coast & Confused Gulf
  4. Hexadecima Coast
  5. Steam Seaboard & The Boiling Waters
  6. Safehaven Coast
  7. Basquemonk Bridge & Pillars of Haram & Halal
  8. Downunder
  9. The Cracked Marches & Sissoring Road
  10. Universe Forest & Samantic River
  11. Squaredale, Badger Road & Nastiffy Gulf
  12. Smart Rocks
  13. Conjugation Dunes & Reckoning Marshes
  14. Miscellanea Masiff
  15. Great Contrarian Mt. & D'Umbasserie glacier
  16. Infinite View Mt.
  17. Tehnoobs (with Mount Chowder), Isharian Plain, river Wire, Overwired & the Isharian Belt

Saucer Archipelago

The Saucer Archipelago, commonly known as The Saucers, is a chain of islands west of the Langer Plains. It contains the islands of (from larger to smaller) Syntheticblood, Intosettle, Fortherefresh, Nohandicaps, Lastroll, Suicidaltsarina, Ancient Radiowaves and Torchformeat, all of which are protected as part of the Saucer Archipelago National Park. The capital is the town of Genius Cottage.
    The islands' proximity to Langer Plains and Academia Hills, where many Anthologicans work and live, has made them a favourite tourist location. Several ferry lines come and go between the Saucers and the western coast, and a shuttle service connects Isharia with the islands daily.

Chainiki Islands

The Chainiki Islands are a volcanic archipelago in the Phenomena Sea north of the Academia Hills region, named after the many tea shrubs that grow there. The locals residing on the islands are known as Chainikians, of the Markovbot ethnic group. The main island is Oracle, and Delphi is its capital. Vokram and Bunny, the most famous residents of the islands, met at Delphi once and now are inseparable. Other notable residents include Placid, Autodiktat, Batrachos and Opticon.
    The Chainiki Islands are a popular tourist destination in the summer, rivaling the Cadre Riviera.

Langer Plains

The Langer Plains is a traditional geographic and modern administrative region of Anthologica, comprising most of the ancient region known as Linguaea. The region is, in fact, a conglomeration of petty plains, basins and valleys surrounded by gentle hills, although the northern outer hills tend to be rougher, and the landscape, wilder. Langer Plains lie in northwestern Anthologica and borders the regions Academia Hills on the east, Smart Rocks on the southeast, Anniestonshire on the south and the Phenomena Sea on the west and north. The region also includes the Sporadic islands, which sink and emerge every now and then at different places near the northern peninsula.

The Reckoning Marshes, near the feet of the Western Smart Rocks, are currently being developed and will provide calendar services to all Anthologicans.

Academia Hills

Academia Hills (also known as the Academics) cover central northern Anthologica and, as its name indicates, is a hilly region. The predominant geographical feature are the Academic Hills, of the rolling-and-revolving kind. The region is the most important meeting place for conlangers in the country after Isharia, and it's traversed by the Ejective Road, which connects Annieston with Isharia through the Funnel Tunnel; the tunnel's western mouth is near the region's eastern border, at the feet of Funnel Peak.

The administrative region, officially known as Academia Hills Country, is larger since it includes the Smart Rocks and the Complaints Coast, along Confused Gulf. The region is divided into five administrative units: Helpwood-and-Bugshire to the north, washed by the waters of Confused Gulf; Creativeham, around the central Smart Rocks; Terrafirma, where the regional capital, Halls-of-Academia, is found; Scriptoriume, along the river of the same name; and Miscellaneria, where we can admire the Kitten of Doom No. 1, an ancient wonder from which the Left Rainbow Beam is projected to the infinite.

Smart Rocks

The Smart Rocks is a range of sandstone rock pillars between Langer Plains and Academia Hills Country. The region is home to the largest and most important complex of Anthologican workplaces and retreat caves.

Cadre Riviera

The Cadre Riviera, also known as Trivial Riviera, is the narrow coastal strip which lies between the Phenomena Sea and the Trivia hill chain formed by the southwestern Smart Rocks and the Miscellanea Massif. Longitudinally it extends from Anniestonshire's border with Langer Plains, to the north, to Placid Cape, to the south, which marks the northern end of the Hexadecima Coast.

The Riviera's centre is Autisthaven, Annieston's port and coastal resort neighbourhood, located to the south of the Cadre's mouth. Autisthaven divides the Cadre Riviera into two main sections: the Tramontane Riviera, extending northwards from Autisthaven to Introductino's Point, and the Midday Riviera, between Autisthaven and Placid Cape.

It's famous for its particularly mild climate and relaxed way of life which, together with the charm and harm of its inhabitants and the beauty of its landscape, has made it a popular destination for occasional travellers and lost tourists since the Unveiling times.
    Among its villages and towns the most renowned are Freepizza, Zeitgeist, Segregaiton, Gravedenizens and Mighty Centaur, the latter famous for its full of ronery beaches.

Universe Forest

The central western part of Anthologica is covered by Universe Forest, a series of leafy woodlands and thickets where the natives store and grow their own imaginary universes. The northern third of the region is the Upper Cadre Valley, and to its southwest we find the Miscellanea Masiff, which marks the northern end of the Hexadecima Coast, with its famous calanques. The southern third of the region is washed by the Samantic River.
    From an administrative point of view, the Hexadecima Coast and most of Universe Forest is divided into several autonomous shires, hundreds, baronies, districts and parishes where Anthologicans carry out intellectual works of diverse nature.

The Contrariwises

The Contrariwises or Contrariwise Mountains are a mountain range consisting of parallel smaller chains extending c. 750 km along the length of central Anthologica in a SW-NE direction. In the northeast they end abruptly at the feet of the Spacetime Shortcut, and in the south and southwest they decrease in height until they meet the hills and puys of Downunder and the Cracked Marches. The system forms a wall dividing Anthologica into two halves.

They are mostly verdant, although one side of the highest peak, Great Contrarian, is partially covered by D'Umbasserie glacier, the only glacier in the Contrariwises and, of all the known glaciers, the only one that runs upwards. The southern mountains are semi-arid due to the dry and bitter climate coming from the neighbouring countries. The eastern slopes down to the Isharian Plain are steep, while the western slopes form foothills.


Squaredale is the easternmost region of Anthologica, bordering the northern edge of the Isharian Plain, and it's connected with Isharia through the twist-and-turning Badger Road. The coast there is irregular and rocky, and just to the north of Nastiffy Gulf lies Kitteh of Doom No. 2, the twin brother to Kitteh of Doom No. 1, two gigantic sculpted-in-stone Maneki-nekos from whose mouths issue a rainbow beam that delimit the edges of what scientists have been calling "the Spacetime Shortcut". Team Badger Inc. is currently building the Einstein-Rosen Bridge across it to get as closer as possible to e-Vent Horizon and see what is happening beyond it.

Isharian Plain and Tehnoobs

The Isharian Plain is a flat, alluvial plain in central eastern Anthologica. River Vvire meanders across the Isharian Plain from D'Umbasserie glacier on the western edge, southwards towards the Tehnoobs mountains and then westwards to the sea south of Isharia. The area around the tidal Vvire, known as the Overvvired, is the more rural side of the river. The area north of the Overvvired is almost entirely urban, containing the city of Isharia and its conurbation, with the cities of Pedianvic, Ingurtèon, Gýghel, Tuissaite, Tumblinn, Redditèon Saus, Iautuv, Basteberri, and Imbroughi. This area forms the Isharian Belt. The rest of the region is rural and rich in woods and cottages.
    The plain's littoral is named Safehaven Coast, which is washed by the waters of Sorcery Bay. To its east we find The Fogs, a permadense foggy cluster that magically leds to Greater London. A ferry line links Isharia with the City of London twice a day.

The Tehnoobs Mountains are a geological formation that close the Isharian Plain to the west. They are sometimes considered part of the Contrariwises, but are in fact a loosely coupled system of many summits, isolated or in groups, arranged with little appearance of system. There are about one hundred peaks, ranging from 360 to 1,500 metres in height; the highest peak, Mount Chowder, attains an elevation of 1,629 m.

The Cracked Marches

The Cracked Marches is an area of southeastern Anthologica in the border region between this country, Iancogorencia and Zebibia Magna. The marches are washed by the Numeric Gulf and the Indolent Straits. The region consists of grassland, moorland and puys, with a portion of the Contrariwises to the northwest. The Sissoring Road crosses the country from north to south, linking the Isharian Belt with Basquemonk Bridge, on the border with Zebibia Magna.
    Basquemonk Bridge, of dubious engineering, is built just above Procrastination Active Fault, and is flanked by two pillars: Haram & Halal.


Downunder is the southernmost region of Anthologica, and despite not being Australia it has a history of convict incarceration, since tempbanned people are sent there. Practically uninhabited, the region is separated from the rest of the country by the Southern Contrariwises and the Ärgh river and no roads or trails lead there. The Phenomena Sea washes its southwestern coast, known as the Steam Seaboard because the adjacent Procrastination Active Fault boils the waters creating a steamy atmosphere. The only settlement is Bubblyport, the point of arrival for convicted people.

The Borderlands

The term "Borderlands" groups the lands and countries next to Anthologica. Basically they are the Indolent Straits, Iancogorencia, Zebibia Magna and Cibbea.

The Indolent Straits

The Indolent Straits are a series of flooded chasmata that separate Anthologica from the rest of Theknownworld. The origin of the chasmata are tectonic, since the Procrastination Active Fault creates them while separating the Anthologican Plate from the others; for that reason the Indolent Straits are also known as Procrastination Flooded Chasmata in scholarly circles.
The surrounding region is harsh and bitter, and most Anthologicans avoid it except when it's necessary to go to Zebibia Magna.


To the east of the Indolent Straits lies Numeric Bay, thus named because of neighbouring Iancogorencia, the country of countless numbers in many languages. The country is ruled by Janko the 1st-to-10th, sole inhabitant and self-monarch of the realm. Its capital is Numberquest, consisting of a desk atop a mountain of zillions of number lists from 1 to 10 in many languages and conlangs. Grand Duke Janko spends his time sorting out that mess.
    A few roads cross the southern lands of the country, but the one that leads to Numberquest soon becomes a path known as Numbers' Trail.

Nobody goes to Iancogorencia. In fact, Iancogorencia comes to you.

Zebibia Magna

Zebibia Magna is a large country south of Anthologica, and it shares part of its northern border with this country through the Indolent Straits. Immediately south of Basquemonk Bridge a twisting road linking Isharia with Zompistopolis crosses the chastised land that are the Eddythreading Mountains until it reaches the region known as "The T(r)olls", flat yet annoying due to the many tolls that fill the landscape. After a series of confusing branches the road arrives at Zompistopolis, Zebibia Magna's capital. Its conurbation lies between the Liberal Floodplains and Spinnoff Lake, with Gayfanclub as one of its main suburbs.
    West of the Zompistopolan conurbation we find the Dramatic Sea, which separates Zebibia Magna from Cibbea. The most important geographical features there are Tempbanning Coast, Assholery Gulf and Passivaggressive Peninsula.


Cibbea is located on the homonymous peninsula. To the southeast, the Aveneca River separates Cibbea from Zebibia Magna. The peninsula is surrounded by the Phenomena Sea to the west and north, and the Dramatic Sea to the east. Its capital is Aszevstad. Cibbeans like to discuss constructed languages, cultures, worlds and related sciences, and are considered a quiet and peaceful people.

The Lands Beyond

The Lands Beyond are the lands and countries beyond the Borderlands. They comprise the other civilised and friendly nations of Syndyktea as well as the Barberian Lands. The Barberian Lands are separated from Syndyktea by Diogenes, a river within river Orontes.


The climate is fairly mild in the coastal areas, with the west coast being benefited by the sea breeze, and is dumber and mud-rainy in the interior, with considerable fluctuations in temperature between winter and summer, giving the region a soil-building active freeze-thaw cycle. The lands to the south of Anthologica, particularly dry and curt and tending to bitter as we approach the Indolent Straits, affect the country's meridional regions: Downunder and the Cracked Marches have the harshest and bitterest of all the country's climates, although the always-expanding Indolent Straits help to temper the heated atmosphere.


Anthologica's ecosystems can be particularly fragile, because the thin skin of some of its animal species and the many delicate valleys separated by high mountains, which form unique ecologies.





Anthologica is a multilinguistic nation due to its diverse ethnic and national reality, and lacks a national language. Despite this, English is the working tongue, while Naimo is widely used, since it's the de facto common language of Syndyktea.




Anthologicans use to pasture on the Academia Hills, one of the most important meeting places for conlangers in the country, only surpassed by the Isharian metropolis.

Largest Cities

Anthologica only has two cities: Annieston and Isharia. Annieston is placed on the lower banks of the Cadre River, in the region known as Anniestonshire; the city is close to the sea and on top of its main orographic feature, Mount Hazelnut, we find the Hazelnut Palace, home of Fashqueen Rhetorica.
    Isharia is found at the feet of the levantine slopes of the Tehnoobs and at the center of Safehaven Coast, being washed by Sorcery Bay. Isharia is a chatterpolitan conurbation and the center of the Isharian Belt, the most populous and thriving town in the country, and it's renowned for its intense cultural and artistic activity and vibrant nightlife.

RankCityMetro area populationRegion nameRegion status
1Annieston+100AnniestonshireCrown Land
2IshariafluctuatingIsharian BeltChatterpolitan


The country is a confederal enlightened-absolutist crowned republic, the head of the state being Fashqueen Rhetorica. The Chat Rooms, the communal parliament, is a unique multi-party chaotic chattery chamber where laws are not passed at all. The executive is essentially restricted to the monarch and her private entourage of hardworking badgers and some humans. The judiciary is said to exist, but nobody has found it yet.

The Chat Rooms, erected atop the Bugreport Falls, one
of the most dramatic natural sceneries in the country.

Direct democracy

Direct democracy and confederalism are hallmarks of the Anthologican political system. Anthologican citizens are subject to three legal jurisdictions: the municipality, region and confederal levels. The lack of a constitution prevents defining a reliable and well-structured political system, but mutual trust among Anthologicans allows a system of self-regulating chaotic direct democracy. The instruments of this system at the federal level include the right to submit a federal initiative and a referendum, although the latter is rarely used since decisions are taken in the Chat Rooms by either popular acclamation or the Anglo-Saxon method3.

The Royal Cabinet

Below Fashqueen Rhetorica and beyond her entourage of hardworking badgers there's the Royal Cabinet, a group of humans that work to keep things right or, at least, to avoid disasters and the death of the community. Headed by Hallow the 13th, the Deputy Administrator of the realm, it is followed by Ser Isant Brie, Curator of Usavoidable Things, Chronicler of Ridiculities and Chief Herald.

Subdivisons and local government

The subdivisions of Anthologica constitute a hierarchy of administrative divisions and non-administrative ceremonial areas.

Overall, the country is divided into one crown land, one chatterpolitan region, three ceremonial counties and an undisclosed amount of autonomous local entities. The crown land, known as Anniestonshire, revolves around Annieston and has no other purpose than to group the queen's fiefs. The chatterpolitan region is Isharia and its satellite towns, along the Safehaven Coast, in what is known as "the Isharian Belt". The three ceremonial counties (Academia Hills, Universe Forest and Langer Plains) are the largest of all the regions, although these have only a limited role in public policy. For the purposes of local government, the country is divided into several shires, hundreds, baronies, districts and parishes, each one with a high degree of self-government.

RegionStatusHead townUnits
AnniestonshireCrown LandAnniestonAnnieston, Cadre Riviera, Ligatureshire
Isharian BeltChatterpolitan RegionIshariaFurrissex, Jewishire, Eslamshire
Academia Hills CountryCeremonial CountyHalls-of-AcademiaCreativeham, Scriptoriume, Terrafirma, Miscellaneria,
Universe ForestCeremonial CountyNoneMany semiautonomous units
Langer PlainsCeremonial CountyWhelbadgerSporadic Islands, Central Linguaea, Reckoning Marshes, Conjugation Dunes
Saucer ArchipelagoInsular DistrictGenius CottageSyntheticblood, Intosettle, Fortherefresh, Nohandicaps, Lastroll,
Suicidaltsarina, Ancient Radiowaves, Torchformeat
Chainiki IslandsInsular DistrictDelphiOracle, Napoleon Rock



Foreign Relations





Following the Eddian Crisis and the consequent collapse of the zompistanist regime in 2014, Anthologica was marked by a moderate arrival of refugees and an economic boom. The country attempted to transition to partial autarky the year after, which proved succesful, and the Dynamic was introduced as the legal national currency. The Cabinet launched an ambitious economic reform program in early 2015 to put the country on the path toward a carpet economy.

Science, research and technology

It has been reported that Cev discovered the introductino, an elementary particle. However, it got lost in his files and has yet to be found to make it public.


Regarding quantum mechanics a team of Anthologican scientists lead by Cev and Slereah deduced the michigan (denoted by the Devanagari letter म ma), a unit to measure the state of tridimensional space in a quantum mechanics environment based on Platonic solids.

In November 17, 2018 a team of Anthologican scientists reunited in Isharia agreed on the creation of the pharazon (φ) as the SI unit to measure gayness.
    The pharazon is defined as the gay intensity, in any given direction, of a source that emits iridochromatic radiation of fluency 7×719 cusecs and that has an expression induction in all its orbit of 6 byrons as per the heterosexual-homosexual continuum.


A network of paved roads links the main settlements of the country. The Ejective Road runs between Annieston and Isharia crossing the Contrarwises through the Funnel Tunnel. The Badger Road links the Isharian Belt with the Einstein-Rosen Bridge through Squaredale, and south of Isharia we have the Sissoring Road, which runs to Basquemonk Brigde crossing the Isharian Plain and the Cracked Marches.

A railway net links Annieston with the Cadre Riviera, Whelbadger, Halls-of-Academia, Kittenhaven, Isharia and Safehaven Coast.

After the partial downfall in Zebibia Magna and its aftermath an airbridge was established between Isharia and Aszevstadt, Cibbea, with daily flights.

A ferry line links Isharia with the City of London daily, stopping at Victoria Embankment (near Temple station), Blackfriars Millennium Pier (near Blackfriars station), London Bridge City Pier (near London Bridge station) and Saint Katharine's Pier (near to Tower Hill station).
    Other ferry lines link the Cadre Riviera with the Saucer Archipelago, and Kittenhaven with Delphi, at Oracle island. A special service carries convicts to Bubblyport, in Downunder, from various ports along the country's coasts.


In an effort to meet the Syndyktea Criteria on Usavoidable Matters (SCUM) Anthologica relies on coffee as the national fuel.



Anthologican sociolect

Although Anthologicans are multilingual they have a national jargon named Anthologican. Little is known of this almost secretive language they use only among themselves.

Useful Anthologican phrases
__ello Hello (general greeting; where the first letter or digraph of the greeted person is prefixed to the word)
sai zai What's up? (informal)

1. Rhetorica: "The whole site was actually coded in one night by a team of unsleeping, unwavering badgers. Nothing you are currently reading existed the day before." 1st entry in Trivia
2. Rhetorica: "The first user on Anthologica registered on January 1st, 2014." 3rd entry in Trivia.
3. The Anglo-Saxon method, in which everyone involved jumps into a pool and starts punching each other's faces in order to have its theory triumphant and respected by the community.

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