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Meryiántfi Language of artistic and peaceful mages and scholars, seeking to master the mind and transmit positivity to the world.

Xálos Júryin Vërdah
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AboutHello, my artistic name is Xálos Júryin Vërdah Pyíet Prömytfos and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I've always had my head in the clouds, filled with music and scenes. I have always loved finction/fantasy worlds and they really grabbed my attention when they appeared in movies, such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Avatar, for example. So in 2011 I decided to learn an alien alphabet, so that I could communicate secretly with my friends. And then we tried to learn an existing dwarf language, which we renamed Alorian. It failed - it just didn't stick and it wasn't compelling enough. So then I had the very easy/cliché idea of inverting english words, and speaking them with a certain phonetic inventory.

After that, I started developing a new language, based on this inverted english code. It is called Meryiánfti, a language of a civilization composed of highly artistic, multilingual and peaceful scholars and mages, looking to contemplate the world and master their minds in order to bring positivity to the world. This is basically what me and my friends try to do nowadays.

And then I started watching Game of Thrones and just fell in love with Valyrian and Dothraki!! I watched many videos of it's creator - David Peterson - talking about conlanging. That is when I decided to let go of inverted english and restart Meryiántfi, using my synesthesia and the fictional culture in order to develop it.

As of now I am mainly reading conlang articles and books, as well as accessing Youtube quite frequently. I am also waiting to study Design in the University of PUC-Rio. I am REALLY into colours and sounds (synesthesia) - and aggregating that to my conlang is just awesome.

My main language is Meryiántfi, which is under intense reformation. However I have also began a brutal-alien-filthy-merchant language called Tchyobban.