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There are two main dialects: Gejaehl and Bor. The dialect presented here is Gejaehl. The differences between the dialects are as follows:

Gejaehl merges a and ɔ; Bor keeps them separate, and instead has æ e > e i.
Gejaehl has r > y syllable-initially and r > 0 syllable-finally.
Gejaehl has uy > wi.
Verbal plural agreement has been almost completely lost in Bor.
Inalienable possession is less irregular in Bor.
Bor has ly > y.
Bor is more likely to preserve -y- and -w- infixes from lost pretonic vowels.
Bor reflects *uˠ as -au, not -u. -auK becomes -ɔP; -auC becomes -æP.
Bor preserves Pl Kl clusters, for plosive values of P K.

Presumably there are also morphosyntactic differences, especially in the TAM system.