More Stuff – Driving License
2016-09-18 12:58:53
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More Stuff – Driving License

After getting my Luxembourgish driver's license, I got inspired to redo the Telemor license. And I tried it in a new-ish program compared to what I normally use (Inkscape rather than Paint.NET).

I can say that using Inkscape worked here, though it definitely takes a LOT to get everything where you want it to be. Because it's a vector program, it's a lot easier to modify things once they're put in place (which is great for, for example, editing text); at the same time, though, it being a vector program makes it way too easy to screw things up because of the layers and how things are placed on layers. And, even with that, I still did a final touch-up in Paint.NET, but at least the major work was done with Inkscape. And I'm happy with how it turned out.


And, also because reasons, I also made a Telemor learner permit/provisional license. It's meant to be issued as a piece of paper rather than as a plastic card, so it's only one-sided.
bloodbath 2 years ago