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I have been conlanging for two solid years and made around 10 conlangs at different levels of completion and have been working most recently on a language to teach my friends as well as languages for a worldbuilding project I've been working on.

Expect some interesting stuff.

Kan mak vallaski!
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I have seen some examples and read explanations of vowel harmony , but I still can't get a good grasp on how it works and how one might use it in a conlang. Anyone good at explaining it or can point me to somewhere that can?
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quoting Jipí, Transition Metal, Marburg, Germany:
quoting masako, Conversational Speaker:
If the OP has really used the LCK, as is claimed, then IPA should already be in the mix.

If the OP had "researched some linguistics for several years" as they claim, they'd also very well know that a post sketching out just some sounds in a haphazard manner won't do.

True that.

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AboutExperimentation and curiosity got me into conlanging and then worldbuilding followed in short pursuit.