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? Yaali Annar The Gote
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, Initiate Speaker message
Whimemsz: How many official Greek letters are there referencing pickled geese?
Slereah: At least two, apparently.
Slereah: "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 599)"
Slereah: It is followed by "Official letter in Greek mentioning a pickled goose (P.Duk.inv. 605 R) "
Slereah: Pickled geese were serious stuff.

YaaliAnnar: "En gran parte de España, se les llama "judías" (de origen muy incierto, pero quizá del hebreo יְהוּדִי yĕhūdī)"
Seraphinus: Beans are part of a jewish plot, Yaali.
Seraphinus: A plot to reduce economic productivity through diarrhœa and gases.

CUM_quesa: 'ey all.
YaaliAnnar: Bunuh semua bulé.
CUM_quesa: I don't know what that means.
YaaliAnnar: It means "how are you".
CUM_quesa: If I google "bunuh semua",
CUM_quesa: I get pictures of Hitler.

Yatalac: Trigger warning, austronesian alignment.

miekko: The three top Finnish political offices, in order of status, are:
H13: high chief, state shaman, commissioner for buttsex and alcohol
miekko: President, Speaker of the Parliament, Prime Minister
H13: Wow i didn't expect to get it right the first time