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quoting twabs, Conversational Speaker, /ˈajwʌ/:
Better to call that branch "proto-ichthys"... assuming I'll keep it at all, which I'm sort of iffy on right now. The other branch Proto-*fruit I like better. Turns out obscure fruits make great language names. (Proto-*, by the way, is from the Unix for "all-encompassing".)

Synopsis: Phonology and samples for a new laryngeal language.

I remember once my history teacher explained Hannibal's force as comprising "70,000 infantry, 12,000 cavalry, and, just for fun, 37 elephants." It is in a similar vein that I introduce this phonology, which has 13 consonants, 10 vowels, and, just for fun, 37 laryngeals. Well, okay, not that many, but it's got enough underspecified <h> characters to put PIE to shame. The consonants are p t k q /k_w/ /t`/ f s ṣ m n ṇ l ḷ, the vowels are a ā i ī u ū ai āi au āu, and the laryngeals are h ḥ h̭ r ȟ ḫ x ẖ ħ and h37. Kidding, kidding, the last one is .

Here are some of the other slogans I thought of for this language: "Indic meets Iranian", "Birdlang discovers the letter H", "...and a thousand laryngeals"

And here's a vague sample I pulled out of my hat: H̭tanahħī qusmaxxaiḫ aṣ ḥaṇāthiyaȟ paṭṭikah aṣ fauḫa, kīẖ ẖpawāh̭xas tayȟā laiṣḩ ḩrawiyāuk, ḩi taiḫ aḷaḥāim-h̭i.

Or you could juh5t write Englih7 in h5uth7 a manner ah6 to underh5peh5ih1y all h3e h1ricatih2h6 ah6 laryndh8ealh6.