2016-11-07 18:09:57
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Since nothing has happened on the news blog for months, I decided to go and add a feature nobody at all asked for: metaverses. Well, it was motivated by personal need, but.

Anyway, the gist of the whole thing is that metaverses are universes whose constituent entities are universes. You can add universes to a metaverse page and it will display all their child pages as if they were one universe. The most immediate, if rare, use case is when two or more people decide to join their conworlds, but since this is a general excuse to have more universes I'm sure people will find reasons to use them.

Currently, the metaverse feature-set is relatively bare-bones. You can add and remove universes, and like a normal universe a metaverse has its own image gallery and news section. To add a universe to a metaverse, you must have direct mode permissions on the target universe, so in the general case a universe can only be added by the owner (or a group member if the group permissions are very lax). Similar restrictions apply on the removal of universes, but the metaverse owner (or anyone with direct permission for the metaverse) can remove a universe from the list even if they are not the owner, in order to make it possible to kick people out. Pray this will not be necessary!

Currently the biggest lacking feature is that metaverses lack the ability to display statistics like normal universes, since this requires data aggregation I have failed to figure out how to do. Hopefully this will come soon, too.
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3 years ago
Are metaverses supposed to just list all the sections of the constituent universes, rather than simply listing the universes themselves?
3 years ago
Yes, but if you want the second one, that's definitely a feature I can put in.
3 years ago
Yeah, I'd appreciate the second one. Thanks!