Boreal Language Notes
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See overall Elvish document for grammar and vocabulary information.

If I were to create my own vocabulary and grammar, which is to say if I were to use this outside of D&D, the most frequently used sounds would be S/H/SH/CH/M/N/T/R and U/I.
While initial and medial consonants must take a vowel, words may end in N or S, or a vowel of course. Vowels can always stand alone. See phonology page for more information on sounds.

The language is single-pronoun, single-gender.

Naming format is Adult + Child + Family.
Names are chosen based on the desire for strength, elegance, or balance.
Child: End in I, N, S or U.
Strong: End in Un, cons-U, or Us.
Elegant: End in In, Ui, cons.-I, or Is.
Balanced: -An.
Family: End in any diphthong or vowel.

For the forest elves (including boreal), monogender means they don’t differentiate between genders, as it is viewed as irrelevant and generally no one’s business.