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<@Legion> I remember this tagline from the "Hard-sci movie plots" twitter
<@Legion> "An alien spacecraft collides with Earth at relativistic speed; Earth is instantly destroyed."
<Cevf> I get a feeling lots of these end with "Earth is instantly destroyed"
<Cevf> "Earth is hit with a direct beam from a gamma ray burst; Earth is instantly destroyed"
<Cevf> "The frontier of quantum vacuum collapse approaches at the speed of light; Earth is instantly destroyed"
<@Legion> :)
<@Legion> well the gist of the twitter account was like
<@Legion> taking premises from various sci-fi films
<@Legion> and explain the realistic consequences
<@Legion> in 140 chars
<Cevf> "An ancient kaiju awakens from millennia-long slumber beneath the Pacific ocean. Marine biologists earn their tenure observing it as it transits the seas, eating krill and plankton."
<@Legion> :)
<Cevf> Or, better, "An ancient kaiju awakens from millennia-long slumber and collapses due to allometric scaling laws."
<Cevf> "Nazi archaeologists unearth an ancient Babylonian magical tablet. It describes a haruspical remedy for tooth-ache. The Nazis test the remedy and find it ineffective."