7) Season of Eternal Night: Part 2
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During this war, the cave fairies (gloamings) had come from the caverns. They had warned both sides of an invasion
that was to come from below. And like they had warned an army of abhorrent monsters rose from the Underdark.
The horde was so mighty this forced the surface army and the drow to team up to fight back.
When the sun returned, the horde was driven back into the Underdark.

Prytulok, Tlaxcoco, Arkadan, Rāch Xāna chased their drow back into the underground caverns with nothing extra done.

Pathironga did the same thing but not without losing its monarch. A new maharaja did rise up and placed a caste system
in place to keep social order in the kingdom in the years following the Season of Eternal Night.

Kaliwaka never had to face any conflict during the Season of Eternal Night.
Thus other people would be envious of their lack of fighting, despite the fact that they did make an army to defend itself.

Seeing the chance, a Crógan slave named Valorix led a revolt against the dark elf masters. They broke free and butchered their masters.
They went into their Underdark and massacred every drow man and woman they could find, casting out children in chains.
Lastly, they had plundered and razed their cities to the ground. The fires burned for days on end.
The Crógan renamed themselves to the Valorix. But to avoid one person ruling everything, Valorix had the
newly liberated people form a loose confederacy of tribes.

Upon defeating the drow, they had removed the weaponry from the dark elves eliminating their ability to create an army.
In addition, they had rust monsters placed into their underground caverns to discourage the drow from making any more metal weapons.

With knowledge of the Underdark, the people of Shangchi removed the drow from the Underdark and expelled them from their underground caverns. The gloamings got to share positions at the Imperial court for their service to the Emperor. The drow cities were granted to the less-than-civilized grimlocks knowing that they aren't going to attack them.

This nation during the second half of the Season of Eternal Night fought more mind flayers (illithids) more than any other type of abhorrent monster. After studying that adversary enough times, they had discovered how psionics work and how to use such abilities. This was quickly incorporated into their practice. And it would be a closely guarded secret to them.

When they drove off the invading forces, they started to look for the original city in which they once lived in. But they had spent twenty to thirty years trying to find the original location of their home for they were very determined to find it. They did find the original location of their homes and decided to rebuilt. But their was an entire generation that had grown up roaming the countryside, that was the only life they known. Thus that city became the capital of their civilization as most of its citizens continued to roam the vast territory around it.

The drow of the Troigian Underdark were frightened of the native populace after hearing what happened in other areas of the world. They saw that their fate was in the hands of Emperor Romulus; and he could easily destroy them. They and the rest of the world was shocked when he had shown mercy on the dark elves, even though he was justified to smite them. The house that ruled over the drow population there, House Maximo, were grateful for his mercy.