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Stops: p, t, k, q, ' /ʔ/
Fricative: th /θ/, s, ts, sh /ʃ/, tsh /tʃ/, x
Approximants: w, l, r /ɾ/, j
Lateral Fricatives: ll /ɬ/, tll /tɬ/, L /ʟ̝/, qL /kʟ̝/

regular: i, e, a, o
long: i,, e,, a,, o,
overlong: i:, e:, a:, o:

The rule for syllable structure is: CV(L), where L is any consonant that does not contain anything in the Stop category, r, or j.
e.g, je-ka-ll is allowed, but je-ka-qL would not be.
However, this rule is broken by a few major words, usually grammatical particles.
The glottal stop is only seen between vowels.

This language is spoken in a harsh whisper, in a breathy, creaky voice. It is slow, and deliberate. Never rushed. Never loud. Steady.

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