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Stops: p, t, ' /ʔ/
Fricative: v /ɸ/, s /θ/, x /ç/, h
Approx: w /ʍ/, l /l~ɾ/, j
i, i:, u, u:, e /ɛ/, e: /ɛ:/, o, o:, a, a:
Dipthongs: ai, aʊ, iə, ʊɛ, oi

(C)V(V)(C) + C
V can also include dipthongs. When two vowels meet that cannot combine to a Dipthong, a glottal stop will often creep in.
If two identical vowels come together, it'll create a long vowel.
The Glottal Stop will never appear at the beginning or end of a word.
A Word must end in at least one consonant.

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